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Penis Gallery My Nurse My Mistress

24 November 2008

“Not a problem at all baby, I’ll be here when you get home. Would you like me to fix dinner?” I inquired.Her clit was hard and begged for my tongue, but I was determined to get the gift of his cum before it got sucked in too deep for me to savor. I didn’t know […]

Gay Penis Kimmy And The Boys

12 November 2008

Kimmy introduced him to me, but like I said I was seeing red and really did not hear her. I sat in uncomfortable silence as Kimmy flirted and smiled more than I had seen in a long time. Trouble was the music was loud and
standing across from her it was difficult to hear the details. […]

Picture Of A Small Penis Beth Tries Her Luck

12 November 2008

Beth was going for all she was worth. Dave was pumping madly behind her, harder and harder into her tight cunt. “I’m going to cum, baby.” And with that, he started to fill her pussy with his hot sperm. Beth started to finger her clit and soon reached another orgasm as Dave was still throbbing […]