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Penis Art Alice With A Twist

24 October 2008

“Yah! Beetch!” chimed in his twin. Alice couldn’t help herself, she burst out laughing which made both of the boys frown deeply at her.Alice glared at the smile one last time before turning back to the path and hurrying in the direction the rabbit had (hopefully) taken. “I’ll never find that fucked up rabbit now!” […]

What Does A Penis Look Like Kelly Farmer: Officer’S Mistress

14 October 2008

“Lance wants to stay there?” She couldn’t believe it, not Lance.Jardine smiled. “I thought that you’d say that, report here tomorrow with this note.” He handed her a slip of paper and then glanced towards the door. “I haven’t said this, but the Captain likes the ladies … if you get my drift.”Shane drove into […]

Biggest Penis In The World The Sauna

10 October 2008

I felt his body start to tense and moved my head back so that I could take his load into my mouth rather than having it spill right down my throat. I began to suck and swirl my tongue around the head and then it happened. My first taste of another man’s cum was spectacular. […]

Uncut Cocks Hiring Cindy

8 October 2008

I told them “That these two (gesturing at Kerry and Megan) are sluts, and they are to be used however the guys pleased. But,” I said, gesturing at Cindy, “this is my queen. She is to be respected and treated like a lady.” After a couple of minutes, I asked the girls whether they had […]

Penis Extension It’S Never Too Late To Learn

6 October 2008

It’s never too late to learn !After my tremendous orgasm I was still excited enough to see if I could wank him off, so after he had finished rubbing it in, I rolled onto my side and took his great pole of a dick into my fist. He asked if he could hold mine, even […]