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Young Cock Peach’S El Paso Trip

10 September 2008

Peach wrapped her legs around Don’s waist and thrust hungrily up against him. Despite the cocaine he had taken, Don fairly quickly emptied his nuts into Peach’s already juicy pussy.After a couple of beers and a few trips to the powder room to consume more cocaine, Peach felt no pain. Unfortunately, Mateo, who lives in […]

Bulging Cocks In Underwear Stag Party

8 September 2008

I wasn’t ready for what happened next. After Wash slowly withdrew his now-slimy penis out of Mandy, she planted her swampy crotch firmly on my face and told me I’d better learn right now to eat pussy pretty good if I hoped to please a wife with “that limp little poodle-dick of yours.” Jack SWEARS […]

Cock Dick Fitness Models Getting Blackmailed &Amp; Blackballed

6 September 2008

By now Stacey was willingly sucking Mike’s cock and Amy still was sucking as well and she also was ashamed to admit, was becoming wet. There was one other man who had not been involved in the room. He went to sit on the bed and he knew he wanted to break Amy once and […]

Big Gay Cock All Is Not Roses

4 September 2008

“If I win, I get to show you what I can do with it … each one, one at a time.”There was a nice little motel two buildings down and they agreed on the location. I got a room and the four women dutifully trooped after me.Even when I get lucky and find a woman […]

Eminem’S Penis A Day To Remember

2 September 2008

“The filthy white whore wants my black cock - yeah that’s right whore, scream and wriggle for my black dick.” He slapped my butt cheek again, and again, and again until I was wriggling and squirming like the filthy white whore he said I was. Chris’s dick became hard again at the way Dave was […]