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Kids Penis Ed (Bones): Mission Impossible

30 August 2008

Damn. I don’t know about T.J., but I sure was sporting a boner to end all boners at this point. I reached down and rubbed hard on my erection. That brought an outright guff-haw from the girl as she retreated back down the circular stairs. Damn, but I’d like to taste that pussy. Like to […]

Cock Control Spanish Hairlem

28 August 2008

Mom continued, “Luis told her “wow you are a great cock sucker.” His body stiffened and she felt a large amount of hot cum filling her throat. Her throat milked all he had to give her. When she slid it out of her mouth, the shaft was covered in her red lipstick. She bucked and […]

Cock Ring 0258223 &Amp; The Purity Laws

26 August 2008

“You dirty bugger,” said Lisa. “Jenny, he’s gone all stiff and throbby.”Within a few minutes a man of about my own age passed, “Hard luck mate!” Is what I think he said.My mind had been dwelling on the possibilities of how others would amuse themselves at my expense when I realised what she had just […]

Tattoo On A Penis Hospital Visit

24 August 2008

The next day it was very warm and I told the nurse if she could turn the AC up a little. She said no because my roommate might not want it cooler. She said after my bath she would leave my hospital gown off so to just cover up with my sheet. I couldn’t believe […]

Uncut Penis Avon Calling

22 August 2008

“GGGAAAAAHHHHHHH,” Sterling felt Deloris moan, as her mouth engulfed his cock the same moment Rahim split her pussy wide open below.
“…Sounds like a motherfuckin’ engine trying to turn over doesn’t she?” Rahim added, as the two brothers watched Ida spastically flinch from the second orgasm Deloris had given her. Rahim squeezed his crotch wantonly and […]

Huge Gay Cocks Getting To Know Kaylee

20 August 2008

“Daddy!”Ramona stood next to her husband with her back to me while Randy rubbed her exposed buttocks for good luck. We each rolled one die to see who got first roll. Randy won the roll. He slapped her on the butt exclaiming, “Way to go Babe! Now run along woman, you’re distracting me!” With two […]

Girls Sucking Cocks Black Family Values

18 August 2008

My cousin Mica Marcus was also there. Mica is a big and tall, dark-skinned black woman with long braided hair. Like everyone else, she was happy to see me. Mica is a member of the Robertson Institute of Technology Women’s Rugby team. She can play. She’s pretty good. When we were brats, we played football […]

Penis Surgery Literotica Reunion

16 August 2008

Laurel and Manu welcomed the group to their home. “Please make yourself at home in our home. There are computer terminals for use in the office and a pool or the beach if you want to swim. We will set out a buffet in a few minutes. Beds and bedding are available but you will […]

Massive Cocks Fucking Women Hitchhiker

14 August 2008

“Nice to meet you, I’m Jackson. That there man in the back, that’s Alex. He dun past out almost right out of the bar, so I put him back there. I must of known what I was gonna find out here on the road” He winked at her, and she ran around to the other […]

Child Penis Experimenting With Those Close To You

12 August 2008

“Will you fucking do it?” I yelled at him. “Ok,” I replied quietly. Nervously I did so, taking a bit in at a time. Once I took his whole 8 inch erect penis, he said to me to move my mouth around, going in circles. By the end of the movie, 2 hours later, Adam […]

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