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Massive Cock Cravers Ravaged In Broad Daylight! At 18!

10 July 2008

“Well I’ll be damned. We got us a queer pervert!””Fuck ‘em boy! Fuck ‘em deep!”I’d like to fuck Bill’s ass as well , Mark thought as he began pawing at the hard cheeks before him.”Oooohhhh!” It felt warm and good.”And he likes this stick up his ass too.”Mark stood.”Yea! Fuck ‘em boy! Ride Officer Tom […]

Giant Penis Snowbound

8 July 2008

Kim whispered something into Jack’s ear and he said, “go for it babe.” She arched her back and squeezed both of her boobs together lifting them out of the water. Jack who had been steadily working Kim’s pussy suggested we take this fun inside and we all agreed. As we walked into the house Shaun […]

Cock Teasing On My Own

6 July 2008

I decided to risk it all and start doing what I had always wanted. I thought even if he found out I could bring up so much on him about his affairs that he wouldn’t stand a chance in court and I’d get off living a happy life on his money instead of the incredibly […]

Penes Dear Diary

4 July 2008

Last night I was with Jake. Again. OHMYGOD you just can’t imagine how incredi-fucking-ble he is!!! We finally did it. FINALLY. I still have his cum running out of me – I need to shower but I wanted to tell you about it while it was still fresh – the memories, that is, not the […]

Huge Gay Cocks Babes Gone Bad

2 July 2008

Some of the rowdier patrons began to make lewd remarks. “Kiss her clam!” one bellowed. “Yodel in her canyon!” another roared. “Hey Red,” one screeched, “I bet I can lick your cooter better than she can!” I seriously doubted it.I did as she suggested, propped up on my elbows. Rachael lay down between my legs. […]

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