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Blowing A Horse Cock Nickname For Richard

30 July 2008

“Why isn’t it? Why can’t I find a good dick by looking for Dicks?””All at one time?”The first Richard literally ran out of the room and Richard the second strode in, smiling in appreciation at the naked woman on the bed. Claire gave him a warm smile, beckoning him to come closer. “Take your pants […]

Hard Cocks Party Of Four

28 July 2008

“Anyone up for the jacuzzi?” Tom asked.”I like the girl to be on top,” He said as he moved so that I was on top of his hard dick, the tip of it almost inside my hot, wet hole. I felt Steve’s cock tightening up inside of my mouth and he thrusted harder into my […]

Biggest Penis World Record A Connoisseur’S Feast

26 July 2008

**********************************************”Yeah!”, responded Todd. “I always feel like I am going to bust a nut and cream my shorts right on the spot.”Bob’s general disposition improved notably for the next two days before we set off.Bob silenced him again. “Hell, you little nerd, before this trip is over, we’ll be looking at hardly nothing but each […]

Enormous Cocks A Friendly Encounter

24 July 2008

And with this, I force myself inside you underneath the madly pumping dildo. Like two dicks inside you as one, we work together pressing everywhere and everything, touching you inside in ways that you can only imagine but will always crave. With time we learn to break rhythm and move in time with each other. […]

World’S Biggest Penis The Opening Of Shanni

22 July 2008

Shanni sat on her stool and I walked up between her legs. I told her that it was the best time I have ever had. She smiled and said this was only the beginning. I bent down and gave her a kiss. She stuck that tongue in mouth and I grabbed her ass hard. She […]

Shave Smooth Cock Grandma Goes Hog Wild

20 July 2008

“Shit, Mom,” he muttered. “I came like a fucking freight train.””Oh, baby,” she murmured, her hand squeezing my cock. “Oh, Mikey. Baby. Oh, I love you.””Man, Elway,” he half whispered. “I didn’t know you were into older chicks.”Grandma stood up and turned around with her back to me. She began to slowly twist her ass […]

Baby Penis Husband &Amp; Wife Rape

18 July 2008

It was almost evening when Jim got home from work. His wife’s car was in the garage but she was nowhere in sight. As Jim laid down his brief case the phone rang. “Mr. Jim Hall, we have your wife and if you want her back you will do as you are told. Do you […]

The Cock Ring Samarra Luke Powers: Black Master Pt. 03

16 July 2008

She gets up and goes to the bathroom to “clean up” she says and sits on the toilet, crying. Then she hears some noise from the bedroom and peeks out to see what’s going on. She witnesses Luke coming out of the closet and confronting Brad. She watches as Luke tells Brad […]

Big Dick Videos County Lovers

14 July 2008

Tammy couldn’t help but chuckled at her father’s attempt at humor. “Ok daddy, I understand about you being hard but what’s this about it being a special day for you? It’s my birthday, not yours.” “You’re too old to give her what she needs Gus. Come on over to my lap Tammy,” Another old-timer offered. […]

Biggest Penis In The World A New Way Of Life

12 July 2008

After all have their partners, Park says, “let’s not make the ladies wait,” and Azizah had only a short glance at Azman, who seemed to have Patsy as his partner. He just winked at Azizah. Liza seems to have Park. Earl is kissing Dianne, Art is already fondling Tings breasts, David is with Miriam and […]

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