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Big Cock Movies Experimenting With Those Close To You

30 June 2008

“Will you fucking do it?” I yelled at him. “So…” Adam said. After they came, Hannah and I sat on the couch next to each other, David and Adam spreading our legs and kneeling in between them. Hannah and I turned our heads to face each other, kissing. Adam put his head between my thighs […]

Large Cocks Teacher’S Pet

28 June 2008

A half-hour passed, during which time darkness fell on the house, and the men began to get edgy and wondered if they were being made sport of.It was her one vice, her one social indulgence, and it was one reason she scrupulously guarded her privacy in Smallwood, which was a small town in a very […]

Huge Cock Sex A Year To Remember

26 June 2008

“To bad his boss isn’t here tonight,” I laughed.”I’m not talking about the women’s crotches Sam, and you know it. I suspect the reason you answered the way you did is because you know I’m right about this. Black men aren’t any different in cock size than white men, are they? That myth that all […]

Shaved Cocks Don’T Fuck Me! I’M A Lieutenant!

24 June 2008

In just a few short minutes, the cavalry swept over my defenses, and it was a slaughter. I came so hard, I know my jism would have shot three feet into the air if I didn’t catch it all in my boxers, slobbering it all over my crotch. Oh, shit. I’ll be walking around in […]

Her First Big Cock The Barani Festival

22 June 2008

“Red!” said the first drunkHey! Thaan aro thanaro thana, “Ha! What did I say? I know these girls, they always wear red,” he said fondling her ass “So winner gets one more chance” and with that he pulled her panties down. Vrindha wriggled trying to get out from his grip. The girls stood looking at […]

BIG COCKS Leasa’S Snatch

20 June 2008

Well, I’d had enough of just thinking about what Leasa Jons might be like in the rack. I was ready to, “Just Do It!” The worst that could happen is, I at least experience a few close moments talking to her outside of the work situation, and breathe in some of her heavenly […]

Penis Enlargment Rory’S Rite Of Passage

18 June 2008

Luke let out a groan. “ Oh yes Lorelai, I mean, oh fuck Rory, keep on sucking that dick.” he cried out as he was fucking Rory’s ass pretty hard by now, and as a result Lorelai’s finger fucked his own ass at the same pace. She had put it in as far as she […]

Big Cock Sex Oh My God! The Second Cumming

16 June 2008

Steve immediately took his place and began fucking her stretched asshole, the cum forced from her ass with each stroke. He too did not last long and within minutes he buried his cock to the hilt leaving deep impressions on the sides of her hips from grabbing and slamming her ass back onto his prick. […]

Monster Gay Cocks Out Of Air

14 June 2008

I spent every afternoon at the pool over the next week to make sure I would pass the physical test. When Wednesday came around again, I was ready. I had a light dinner before walking over to the pool with my gear. In reality, I had packed the gear the day before. I was so […]

Animal Penis Keeping Up Team Spirit

12 June 2008

The twins started crying out his name as they released and he was grunting out his own load deep inside Kelly’s sweet pussy. Katie collapsed on the bed next to Beau and Kelly laid across the bottom of the bed panting like a dog. Beau pulled Katie into his arms and kissed her. She looked […]

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