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Giant Cock The Pit

30 May 2008

“Thanks. All the ladies love them.” With their backs facing him, Tharus flew to the ground, grabbed a rifle, and ascended back to the ceiling. As Harion and the frog approached her, Tharus threw the gun to her. She caught it with one hand, aimed, and fired angrily at both of them. The laser bolts […]

Penis Enlargers Tabby On The Couch

28 May 2008

It was too late as he sunk deep into her tight pussy. His balls tightened and he shot a spurt of hot cum deep into her.”Are you nice and wet for me now?” Ricky asked. Tabby didn’t have time to reply as he pressed a finger against the soft lace of her panties. Slowly he […]

Huge Black Cock Warm Ups

26 May 2008

“You like that, huh?” Bill asked, his voice husky. His hand slid a little further up her leg, until his hand was gently stroking her inner thighs beneath her cut-off jeans.“We can’t do that,” she said, but she gasped when his big dick popped out. She stared at it in undisguised delight. One hand moved […]

Long Penis Sub

24 May 2008

I would like to see this, since the height is lower than most bars, and much lower than any sink I’ve ever seen. Maybe midgets live here (another shiver), or more likely they have a sunken kitchen. Either way, I would like to see!I turned to Richard, who was grinning ear to ear and stroking […]

Average Teenage Penis Size In Inches Pattty: More Patty Jenkins

22 May 2008

“Oh, God damn, Patty, don’t stop again. Shove that big dong in my cunt, hard!” After a brief pause, I did begin to pump in and out in a much slower and gentler motion. Inching in, inching out. Repeat, repeat, repeat for several minutes. Then I picked up the pace as Steffee also began to […]

14 Inch Cocks A Brother’S Memories Part 3

20 May 2008

I awoke at the touch of hand on my neck as someone kissed my cheek. I thought that it was Monica but, as she walked away, I saw that it was Lisa. She went over and crawled into her mother’s bed. As I sat there watching them lay there I drifted off to sleep only […]

Penis Pumps Arthur And Family…

18 May 2008

The day dawned beautifully, the sun was up and so was I. My cock was nestled in the crack of Sammi’s ass and raring to go. I pushed it up and down in her cheek cleavage. Oh it felt so nice. So warm and my nuts rubbing against her sweet slit. I reached around for […]

Elephant Penis Friendly Neighbors

16 May 2008

With Jan resting on Tom I mounted her from behind. She was so wet I slid past her twice before coming home. I gently rocked back and forth between their legs and Jan cooed. Following Tom’s lead, I withdraw and started to kiss her lower back. Down her butt I licked and kissed with my […]

Huge Cocks Twenty Four Hours

14 May 2008

“Of course you can. I used to change your nappies for you, remember?”I’d known Lina for about two years. She was a Ukrainian in her early thirties, a painter, model and sometime performance artist. She had what I though was a very striking face, with luminous green eyes and a pouty mouth. She was quite […]

Penis Surgery Big Black Men On Campus

12 May 2008

Meanwhile, back in Jamal’s room, Shelia was hungrily sucking his cock. As soon as they had reached the room, she was down on her knees pulling down his pants to get at him.Finally, Jamal turned toward Jill. “That was great, baby. Now we need your help with something.”Reggie was fast approaching the point of no […]

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