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Fat Penis X

30 April 2008

Kitty hesitated. “You’re the boss,” she said hesitantly.”What’s my name, bitch?” He asked, grabbing her face. Kitty looked at him through tear-stained eyes and grimaced. Cain Marko howled and punched her in the face. Hard. Kitty cried out in pain. “What’s my name?” He asked.Storm cried out in pain. Callisto laughed. She beat Storm with […]

Enormous Cocks Mom

28 April 2008

I looked up at Mom who seemed to be lost in all that was going on. She had a look on her face of pure lust and excitement. She looked at me then leaned over Dad and kissed me again. This time she wrapped both arms around me and gave me a very loving, deep […]

Cock Dick The Stuff Of Life

26 April 2008

Reluctantly, I pulled down my pants.“Um…” I smiled. “OK — you suck Nathan.”“Truth.”“Dare,” Justin said.“Dare,” I said, not liking the direction the questions had taken.Sheepishly, we picked up our pants and walked naked, our hardons, slightly deflated, bobbing as we walked down the hallway to Nathan’s room. Without Justin to orchestrate things, we weren’t sure […]

Tiny Penis Laura’S Harem

24 April 2008

“That’s what I mean young man. I like both mature and young pussy, son, so just get use to having to share.” I was surprised at my son’s comment and thought, well maybe having a nerd son is not so bad after all, if he can bring home some young stuff and is willing to […]

Big Black Dicks Shawna’S Big Cock Lust

22 April 2008

“Yeah, but my panties are pretty tiny, I bet you could see my ass too.” I prodded.That night I fingered my clit for about 2 hours dreaming of Larry’s huge fuck rod!Unfortunately, before I could make any move two other people entered the sauna. I suggested Larry and I head home. On the way home […]

Penis Size Maria: Her Awakening

20 April 2008

“Yeah mate it’s out the back. Safe and sound.” What followed was about 2 hours of silence. Or al least it felt like 2 hours.”Why am I here?” She said as she sat up on the dining room table. “I’m here to thank you for last night.””Thought I’d best get a taste of this before […]

Penis Girth Erotic Massage

18 April 2008

As he slaps the outside of each breast, it swings toward the other and they slap together.”Oooohhhhhhh …….. you suck …….. dicks real …….. good, Aunty ….”I don’t like the way that sounded. I feel very sleazy, like a whore. I don’t like the way this is going.Vijay rolls off the bed and begins to […]

Free Penis Enlargement My Submissive Summer

16 April 2008

Im your black cock slut Ron.Damn girl, you’re the first slut that I met with tits that big and real, I may have to put them to use tonight also.He smack my ass….say it right you lil whoreMy hand moves away and he continues to fuck my face. He tells me to start sucking. I […]

Cocks The Dubious Dictionary: An

14 April 2008

ARRESTANT: Something that causes an insect to stop moving.* Examples of commonly used arrestants are the sole of a shoe, a rolled up newspaper, and a flyswatter.ARCHEMANDRITE: Head of a monastery.* In addition to being the CEO of the Order, the archemandrite has his pick of each season’s yearling ewes. He also arbitrates the inevitable […]

Women Fucking Big Cocks My Daughter’S Birthday Gift

12 April 2008

” OH Daddy,” Julie moaned, ” I’ve wanted this for so long now.”Shot after shot of cum my cock kept shooting into her. I must have shot ten times Into her body.Julie gave me a sexy smile and said, ” Daddy, you watch her good,” she started to laugh, ” Daizie is a full blown […]

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