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Penis Enlargement Techniques Took A Licking To Each Other

30 March 2008

“Like what you see as much as I do?” he smiled, asking me directly, his hand never stopping from pumping his now erect cock in his right fist.”Get on your knees sexy. I want to fuck you.”We both spun round to see a rather plain looking man in a beautifully tailored suit reading a magazine, […]

Huge Black Dicks Paige’S Men

28 March 2008

As they watched she found herself sneaking closer and closer to him and letting more and more of her thigh show through the slit. She caught him glancing over at her a couple of times. Looking at his lap she swore she saw a bulge in his loose fitting trousers. Casually she placed a hand […]

Gay Cock Suckers Paying For Dinner

26 March 2008

“You cannot pay?” “Shut up. I have plan.” No one tells me to shut up, so my mouth kind of drops open before I start getting pissed off.”What, you have money to pay now? If not…” and with that, he zipped his fly down and fished out a fat, stumpy cock. He held it in […]

14 Year Old Average Penis Size Brittany’S Strapon Hell Week 01

24 March 2008

A few hours later I was awakened to sharp pain in my nipples. Mistress had decided to wake me by giving alternating sharp bites on my sensitive nipples. As much as I wanted to scream out, I bit my tongue and took my punishment. “Good morning slut. Here’s the plan. Go in the bathroom and […]

Penis Pictures The Trip To New Mexico

22 March 2008

“Has anyone had the pleasure of touching them?” Bryan asked.Before I headed off to college in the fall, I took a little trip down to New Mexico. I decided to needed a vacation, to get away from work and other things for a while. New Mexico is a very beautiful place. Once I got there, […]

Penis Erection Anita’S Sexual Adventures

20 March 2008

After that night things were not the same at our house with Ma being gone. I had become the fuck toy of my Pa and brothers. The three of them would take turns with me from one day to the next. The oddest time was when I was in the kitchen getting a drink of […]

Average Penis The Dresser Files

18 March 2008

“Oh, I feel so good and sexy.” he said strutting around his room. “And excited?” I asked. “Yes, very excited.” he said. “I will have to get used to walking in these shoes though.””Let’s go to your room.” I said standing up and pulling my pants closed. I took his hand and we walked downstairs. […]

Cauliflower Cock The Convertible

16 March 2008

“My boyfriend’s.””Did you ever kiss a guy?”Her small body writhed and bucked. She was screaming out loud, but all she noticed was the light of the explosions behind her eyes and the heavy waves of pleasure that crashed through her body.Pam screamed. Another glob of the stuff shot out and hit her upper lip. Most […]

Big Gay Dicks Threesome

14 March 2008

I was really enjoying the conversations, and I was really beginning to think seriously about fucking both men at once.A few minutes after we began our chat, I received another message. Again I checked the profile, was pleased and returned his message. I was now chatting to both men. They both told me that they […]

Hot Cocks The Flame Was Lit

12 March 2008

Several countries that must not have had any such well endowed contestants, so they led their delegations with young women with monstrous breasts and very, very big pussy lips. These two were swinging and bobbing in the wind as their owners marched on the track at the bottom edge of the tiered stadium.They stood at […]

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