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Massive Cock And Mother Makes Four

28 February 2008

Marla put down her glass of wine and reached over, trailing her hand along Penny’s arm and down to her hand. She took the glass of wine from Penny’s hand and set it on the end table. Penny looked at her with a half smile on her face.Marla gently spread Penny’s pussy lips and flicked […]

Sucking Cocks The Visiting Nurse

26 February 2008

Ben smiled as she slowly got to her feet. Dawn wasn’t sure if he was smiling at the prospect of what she had just said or because of some macho feeling her words gave him in the eyes of the other men. It didn’t matter. Either way, she planned to drink down his precum all […]

14 Inch Cocks 80′S Movie Review

24 February 2008

The Verdict. Apart from the sharp cut to the fucking the girls are hot for it and there is enough variety to keep up interest. 7/10The verdict. Fairly lame performance from all involved. The girls are cute but the sex was stilted. 5/105.Use our Bodies.The verdict. What crap. 2/10

Thick Cocks Friends

22 February 2008

Deej laughed at his friend’s wording of the hidden request, and replied, “well, she’s serious, but you know me. I’m only serious about that pussy.”Deej was surprised Chuck would mention where they had often taken girls before for some night time screwing. “Naw, that’s too far and we’ll have to get her home. I found […]

Picture Of A Small Penis Andy And Liz

20 February 2008

All this dirty talk, the cunt surrounding you, the cock in your ass, the strange man hand fucking his dick - it’s too much, and you slide back into that orgasmic bliss you so desire, into a long series of cums, one following so quickly after the other that they blend and blur, as does […]

Mega Cock Cravers Every Inch A Soldier

18 February 2008

He heard her muttering, “Yes yes Jack, Jack, Fuck me.” Tommy had no idea that women used such words even when wanting it. The man lifted himself up and Tommy had another view of the woman’s cunt. It was red and pink and seemed to be pulsing. then the bloke fed his hard dick into […]

Free Big Cocks Three’S A Crowd

16 February 2008

Mel’s ‘If you ever want to see my boobs again’ rang loud in my ears! My cock leapt to attention. Danny’s father owns the local general store, and their family is the only non-Adventist family for miles around in our, ‘island of true faith in a sea of heresy’. Of necessity, Danny and his two […]

Penis Bot Sloppiest Of Seconds

14 February 2008

After slurping up as much come as my tongue could reach, I kissed my way back up April’s tight body and lined my erection up with her cunt. There was zero resistance as my excited prick slid in and I had to gasp in awe at how voluminous her vagina felt.I’ve had April after she’s […]

Monster Cock Married Cocksucker Buds: The Beginning

12 February 2008

“You did say, ‘help yourself,’ didn’t you?,” Will asked. “Mike, you are the man. Let me give you a hand there.” With that I felt Will’s hand on my thigh and then he started caressing my bush and fondling my balls.”Mind if I try something?,” I asked Will. “Nothing queer or dangerous or anything. I […]

Women Sucking Cock Let The Games Begin

10 February 2008

You are moaning and panting, “Yes, Yes, fuck yes!” and you cum hard.”That he does. That he does.” I laugh mercilessly.Aqua your sucking technique starts to change. You are sucking hard on the upstroke but allowing your face and throat to be fucked on the down stroke. Just like dick number one the hands on […]

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