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Cock Brutality The Pictures

30 January 2008

I drove home and parked in my driveway. I looked around, saw no one and since it was dark, walked as fast as I could to Jack’s house. He took his time answering the door but finally opened it and told me to come in. “I think I have enough,” Jack said and I thought […]

COCK Billy

28 January 2008

She had resisted and argued but finally, without any hope, agreed to do as Julie had asked. She found herself sitting on the padded floor of a dark room somewhere in a house, somewhere in the town. The car had driven round and round and up and back for more than ten minutes before finally […]

Largest Cock Black Out

26 January 2008

“Welcome back,” he says as he enters the room.”What am I going to do,” I ask looking into his eyes.”Let me get him,” she replies as she walks back into the house, “have a seat on the couch.”It takes me two times to get all of it down. I feel like I’m going to throw […]

Enlarge Penis Jennifer’S Black Obsession

24 January 2008

Off to the side, Jennifer sees Sean stripping and standing naked. His body is massive and heavily developed like a body builder. Like the others, his penis is dark, but thicker and more heavily veined. He strokes himself all the way down to a flared head that is the size of cue ball. She pauses […]

Teen Penis Size Stacked Shelley’S Nude Beach Trip

22 January 2008

“If I tell her to make you come, what will you do for me?” she said. The two of them started laughing about that visual image. I knew they were talking about me. Almost as if they knew I was there. Then a minute later, I heard my name. I […]

Shaved Cock The Ivory Club

20 January 2008

Although she was not seeing Charles today, for some reason she felt compelled to dress in a way that Charles had ordered. He had earlier ordered her to dress like a slut whenever she was going to be in his presence. And it would appear that even when Jane was not due to be with […]

Shaved Penis Wife Turns Slut For Husband

18 January 2008

It was like being center ring at a three-ring sex circus with nobody performing in the other two rings. I was on a constant roller coaster ride of bliss, and I had yet to even feel any of their cocks. A quick look to the side showed me that Jamul was being very attentive to […]

Cocks John Joins The Boys

16 January 2008

With that we decided to get a snack and something to drink as we were all kind of dry from all the activity.Mona had said john was paying a lot more attention to her sexual needs lately. He looked as if he had lost some weight also.AAAhhh shit that’s not fair you know how that […]

Circus Penis Tori’S Gang

14 January 2008

“I’m sure that will be corrected soon. Now let’s stop talking and deal the cards,” Robbie implored.Tori’s next hand was full house. With this she won her shirt back and a $15 pot. “I guess you guys were too distracted by my lovely tits, but they’re going back in my shirt. A toast to my […]

Penis Enlargement Surgery Bonnie’S Obsession

12 January 2008

Jason knelt on the floor watching his mom deep-throating Jeff while twisting two, then three fingers, in the dripping cunt that lay between her outstretched legs. Kneeling down further, he pulled his fingers out, reached under her body to pull her crotch up to his face and began his own oral attack on the succulent […]

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