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His First Huge Cock Martha’S Revenge

30 December 2007

George moved up behind her and Martha looked at Bill and said, “Watch him slide that nice black cock in me while I suck Roy’s hard black dick.” I left the two of them talking through the screen door and I went into the living room to give them some privacy. About […]

Uncircumcised Penis An Ancient Seed Re

28 December 2007

She didn’t answer, instead just focusing on Billy’s cock in front of her as her heart raced, her loins became wet and hot and her small nipples curled into tight buds. She glanced up at his face, and whereas before she had seen contempt, smugness and malevolence, now she saw lust, raw and pure, and […]

Dear Penis Ambushed

26 December 2007

I thought about it and agreed, after all, I knew him right? Wrong. He picked me up at the airport that afternoon, a fat balding old guy, just like his pictures. He was nice enough and seemed truly amazed that I was as attractive as my pictures, and even more amazed that I’d actually showed […]

Huge cocks world

25 December 2007

At this point, I figured things could only escalate from here, so, being the next dealer, I changed the rules to give the winner of the hand the privilege of issuing instructions to the “losers”. With a little “dirty” dealing, I was able to win the hand, and already knew what I wanted them to […]