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Penis Gallery My Nurse My Mistress

24 November 2008

Penis Gallery My Nurse My Mistress
“Not a problem at all baby, I’ll be here when you get home. Would you like me to fix dinner?” I inquired.Her clit was hard and begged for my tongue, but I was determined to get the gift of his cum before it got sucked in too deep for me to savor. I didn’t know what had come over me but I wanted the doctor’s seed from her pussy.I left the house at seven and returned at eight. I got into my hiding place in the closet at eight-fifteen and at eight-thirty Dr. Steve knocked on the door.I thought of all the things I could get done today as Jan sat beside me lost in thoughts she hadn’t shared with me.I had a plan. I knew if she thought I wouldn’t be home for the day that she would bring home Mr. Long-dick to have a real fuck in my bed. I was going to hide in the closet and listen and watch as they fucked the day away. They never work on Saturdays.I turned away because I didn’t want to intrude on her privacy. Then I heard Dr. Steve say softly, “Oh yeah, I got it now; you’ll feel really good in just a few minutes. Just hold still and let me make it all better.”Dr. Steve’s hands pressed the back of her head, forcing her to take more and more of the prick he offered her while he squeezed her full tits with the nipples erect and excited.But there were some supplies I needed and I wanted to toss some ideas around with an old buddy of mine, so I didn’t go right back home. It felt nice being out of the house for a change. The air smelled so clean and I was feeling a bit cooped up lately.I buried my face as deeply as I could, pushing my tongue deeper and deeper in her hot cunt.I decided to go home and tell Jan, that I had cut my trip short. “Are you feeling a litter better this morning, honey?” I asked.I left and went to a hotel room, so that I would have somewhere to come home from the next morning.I was afraid that I had missed Jan’s call that instead of going home, I’d drop by the office and just wait until she was ready to go.I get to watch her openly now and I’m the happiest cuck in the world.When I got there, the car was still in the drive. I parked on the street and used my key to enter the house.

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