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Gay Penis Kimmy And The Boys

12 November 2008

Gay Penis Kimmy And The Boys
Kimmy introduced him to me, but like I said I was seeing red and really did not hear her. I sat in uncomfortable silence as Kimmy flirted and smiled more than I had seen in a long time. Trouble was the music was loud and
standing across from her it was difficult to hear the details. After about 15 minutes one of them suggested going to a room where it was not so loud, Kimmy actually suggested the Tropicana which is a good cab ride from where we were. She told them she’d leave a key and name at the check in. Then we left. It was almost surreal what was happening, when we walked out to the
street to get a cab I still did not realize she was serious. Of course I yelled at her as we left. Her argument was basically she’s done everything she could think of to try and resurrect our sex life, and based on my taste in porn she knew I was going to enjoy something like this even if would never admit it. Well, she was right about that. . I’m not sure at what exact point I stopped being pissed and got interested in what might develop.It had always surprised me that with a body that men desire and women envy, Kimmy has a very limited sexual history, having been raised in a close and sheltered home. Before I came into the picture she had only been intimate with one other man, a long time boy friend from high school. If I were smarter I might have seen this red flag, but I was blinded by this fresh beautiful girl paying me any attention. I married the good girl as soon as she would have me, six months after we met.Kimberly-: That’s allot!

BLACKBONE: I been going after whites since high school. Always loved white girls

Kimberly-: are u sure your 8″? Looks way big! Bigger rather…*s*

BLACKBONE: Yeah… I know how it works. Lots of whites wanna try black dick. If you treat them right… word gets around. I’m 8″ when it’s totally hard.

Kimberly-: So do you like getting rough? I love that… John’s not a big man, so it’s not the same when he tries to be rough.Kimmy and I both came away from Vegas with a renewed appetite for sex. For the next few months we couldn’t get enough of each other. Then it changed. Suddenly Kimmy didn’t seem interested in sex with me any more. I begun to suspect that she was having an affair and I started to spy on her. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that she was having cyber-sex. I noticed she spent a lot of time on the computer so I re-configured the computer to hold everything she did in a cache file.“And no anal,â€? Kimmy spoke up.

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