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Picture Of A Small Penis Beth Tries Her Luck

12 November 2008

Picture Of A Small Penis Beth Tries Her Luck
Beth was going for all she was worth. Dave was pumping madly behind her, harder and harder into her tight cunt. “I’m going to cum, baby.” And with that, he started to fill her pussy with his hot sperm. Beth started to finger her clit and soon reached another orgasm as Dave was still throbbing inside her. Spent from all this, she collapsed onto the floor panting for breath.”Listen, I gotta head back to the casino. I have a friend losing all his money out there. Maybe we’ll meet up later.” With that Dave shook my hand, kissed Beth on the cheek and disappeared back into the crowd.”I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that we lost the bet,” Dave said. “After watching you do all those stretches and lifts at the gym, I was hoping for a good show tonight. Even just a good look. You know Beth, there’s a lot of guys down at the gym that want to get a piece of you these days.”"I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed I won. I was kinda turned on by the stakes.” Beth replied. “But since you guys were such good sports…I’ll make a deal with you. I want both of you to take off your clothes and lay on the floor. I’m not going to strip, but I will dance…the guy who gets hard first has to sit on the couch and masturbate for me while I do something special for the other guy.”After the song ended, we headed back to our table. As we arrived there, I heard a man call out to Beth. As it turned out, one of the guys from the fitness club was there as well and he recognized Beth. She introduced him as Dave. He was a younger guy, maybe mid 20s and in great shape. Dave seemed polite and was very complimentary to how Beth was looking.I commented on how he seemed to be very interested in her. Beth said she couldn’t understand why, Dave was much younger than both of us and could have any girl he wanted. I kept teasing her about him, finally suggesting that I suspected if the chance presented itself, Dave would be more than a willing candidate to help my wife turn her fantasy into reality.

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