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Penis Art Alice With A Twist

24 October 2008

Penis Art Alice With A Twist
“Yah! Beetch!” chimed in his twin. Alice couldn’t help herself, she burst out laughing which made both of the boys frown deeply at her.Alice glared at the smile one last time before turning back to the path and hurrying in the direction the rabbit had (hopefully) taken. “I’ll never find that fucked up rabbit now!” she fumed to herself. “Stupid cat! Good at licking pussy though.” Alice thought and even smiled a little.”Drat! Damn! Fuck a duck! She’ll kill me if I’m late!!” the voice was saying in a very excited tone. Alice jumped up and looked over the hedge to see the speaker. To her astonishment, it belonged to a rather large, white rabbit. Not an ordinary rabbit by any means. This rabbit was wearing a black leather jacket, Alice could see matching gloves sticking out of a side pocket, and the rabbit was looking at a pocket watch as he hurried along. She watched as he jumped, feet first, into a large hole in the ground. “Oh my, he dropped something” Alice cried as she ran to see what it was. It was one of his gloves she picked up. Without thinking first, Alice jumped into the hole, intent on returning the glove to it’s owner.Her arms were pinned to her sides as the creature began to lick her slit. Alice tried to wiggle away, but found she was firmly held down as the creature licked and sucked her lovely little snatch. It’s tongue was like a cat’s and with each long lick across her pussy, she got wetter and wetter. “That’s it my sweet, give me your juices!” the cat purred into her wet hole, slurping and obviously enjoying itself.Her pubic hairs had been shaped into a heart and being a true blonde, they were nearly invisible through the panties. The bra held her 36C breasts comfortably, but the nipples showed clearly through the material. As she fell, she looked good enough to eat!

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