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What Does A Penis Look Like Kelly Farmer: Officer’S Mistress

14 October 2008

Officer'S Mistress
“Lance wants to stay there?” She couldn’t believe it, not Lance.Jardine smiled. “I thought that you’d say that, report here tomorrow with this note.” He handed her a slip of paper and then glanced towards the door. “I haven’t said this, but the Captain likes the ladies … if you get my drift.”Shane drove into her, grabbing her hips and started to shag her. It was what Kelly wanted; it was how she liked her sex, hard and almost impersonal. The object was to fuck and come, fuck and come, nothing else; you could worry about pleasantries later.”Yeah, he’s been away for three months and now they tell me it could be for another year.” Kelly tried to keep the anguish out of her voice.”If in the opinion of the base commander it would improve the military morale for family members to be present in camp.”* * * * *”He has an exec, Captain Pryde … I can ask him, only he’s off base until tomorrow. Why don’t you just sit there and I’ll find out when he can see you.”They kissed, hungrily and Shane pawed her breasts whilst pushing her against the breakfast table. Kelly was fighting his jeans, unzipping them and pulling them down, his thick dick sprang out into her warm hand.Kelly wasn’t sure what he was saying, that Pryce would molest her or that a show of femininity was her best approach.”Well, they want him for longer…”"You love him.”Jardine grimaced. “It will be a great opportunity for your husband, experience, skills, could open up a real career for him, a real career.”"Very much, yes.” Kelly felt herself colour with embarrassment.The half hour seemed longer and yet Shane was actually early. Kelly didn’t open the door and usher him in. He set his mower in place and ran over the lawn; the plot as small and it didn’t take long. It was only then that he knocked on her door, after all he needed paying.”Better.” Kelly replied. She had her eyes closed, she always did and her hands were gripping the edge of the table. She had her legs wrapped about him and each time he thrust into her so she tried to pull him in. She wanted to hear his balls slapping against her.No, unless she happened to find him, she’d have another lonely evening.”That’s okay, Kelly is fine.” “I … I …” She stammered.Authors Note: Kelly discovers that being unfaithful isn’t that easy and that there are prices to pay.This work is copyrighted to the author and the Unfaithful Wife Organisation © 2003. Please don’t remove the author information or make any changes to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your consideration.

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