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Biggest Penis In The World The Sauna

10 October 2008

Biggest Penis In The World The Sauna
I felt his body start to tense and moved my head back so that I could take his load into my mouth rather than having it spill right down my throat. I began to suck and swirl my tongue around the head and then it happened. My first taste of another man’s cum was spectacular. He pumped load after load into my mouth as I swallowed and suck and swallowed it down. He pulled out while he was still shooting and blew the last of his spunk all over my face and chest.”Never before 6:00,” I said.”No,” I said softly not exactly even recognizing my own voice. “Do you want me to eat your cock?”"She’s the one that got me started,” he said smiling. “A strap on is not as good as the real thing, but it did get me a lot of practice time. What time does your wife get in?”We exchanged phone numbers and I went home still not believing my great luck in finding this guy and his wife. I can hardly wait until tomorrow. I could tell by the increase in speed that he was getting close, his moans helped give him away also. “Eat that dick you man-whore,” he said. “Suck that hard cock like you want to eat all the cum it can give you bitch.”"Hi there,” he said. “I’m Don, my wife and I just moved in a couple of weeks ago.”"Looks like these places have the same effect on you they do on me,” he said smiling. “Mind if I take my trunks off?”

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