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Uncut Cocks Hiring Cindy

8 October 2008

Uncut Cocks Hiring Cindy
I told them “That these two (gesturing at Kerry and Megan) are sluts, and they are to be used however the guys pleased. But,” I said, gesturing at Cindy, “this is my queen. She is to be respected and treated like a lady.” After a couple of minutes, I asked the girls whether they had finished cleaning each other yet. Chapter 8: The Girls Come BackThree of the guys got up right after they came and started getting dressed. As they left, the other three guys were laying on the floor with the girls fondling them and watching Cindy and I. I was pushing in and out of Cindy very slowly, but she was rising to an orgasm. She whimpered and finally screamed as she went over the edge. I managed to hold off, and just kept up fucking her slowly while the others watched. At first, she was a bit overwhelmed by the stimulation right after her orgasm, but after a minute she started to build up again. She got very close, but I came before she could. She lets out a frustrated sigh when I pull out of her.The girls were still around for a few days, but from there on out it was less intense. We spent a lot of time in bed naked, fondling each other in various combinations. Kerry ate Cindy out one night, I fucked all three of them a number of times, and I got a lot of blowjobs from all three. All three of us were recovering from the ecstasy, and we had pretty much filled up on the sickest of our fantasies….Megan came loudly next to me and slumped forward, but Kerry kept fingering herself trying to get off one more time. The guys Cindy was stroking were starting to moan, and Cindy was sounding more and more excited, while still frustrated at not having any direct stimulation. After another minute, Kerry came. Then, I told Kerry to go over and stroke the third guy, the one that Cindy was neglecting. She walked over and reached around him while he was still massaging Cindy’s ass, and took his cock in her hand.

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