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Penis Extension It’S Never Too Late To Learn

6 October 2008

Penis Extension It'S Never Too Late To Learn
It’s never too late to learn !After my tremendous orgasm I was still excited enough to see if I could wank him off, so after he had finished rubbing it in, I rolled onto my side and took his great pole of a dick into my fist. He asked if he could hold mine, even though it was deflated, while I wanked him and it was not long before he was breathing deeply and his balls were tightening in his crotch. He was well lubricated with pre-cum and the loose skin on his shaft moved easily up and down with the movement of my hand. Very soon he gasped “I’m going to cum,� his dick stiffened even more, his whole body shuddered and out shot his sperm while he thrust his hips forward to extract the maximum of sensation. His load was not as heavy as mine but it was still pretty impressive !

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