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Young Cock Peach’S El Paso Trip

10 September 2008

Young Cock Peach'S El Paso Trip
Peach wrapped her legs around Don’s waist and thrust hungrily up against him. Despite the cocaine he had taken, Don fairly quickly emptied his nuts into Peach’s already juicy pussy.After a couple of beers and a few trips to the powder room to consume more cocaine, Peach felt no pain. Unfortunately, Mateo, who lives in El Paso received a cell phone call from his wife; he would have to leave in a half hour and would not be able to return. My plan had been to party till evening and then return to the hotel for fun and games. Mateo’s unexpected and impending departure changed that plan. I told Laura, the whore, to get a room next door and instructed her to take Mateo and Peach to it. I told Mateo to enjoy Peach. Peach frowned. I rarely have her fuck anyone without me being there, but what the hell, I felt like it. She was a good girl and did as was told.After about 20 minutes they returned. Mateo had a big smile on this face. As Peach settled on a bar stool next to me I felt between her thighs and could feel dampness along the seam of her tight jeans. She would soon sport a growing wet spot when Mateo’s sperm trickled out. Condoms are not used when close friends fuck Peach.

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