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Cock Dick Fitness Models Getting Blackmailed &Amp; Blackballed

6 September 2008

Cock Dick Fitness Models Getting Blackmailed &Amp; Blackballed
By now Stacey was willingly sucking Mike’s cock and Amy still was sucking as well and she also was ashamed to admit, was becoming wet. There was one other man who had not been involved in the room. He went to sit on the bed and he knew he wanted to break Amy once and for all. Stacey was well on her way to accepting black cock and he told Rock to join his cousin and give Stacey what she needed. The stranger was the shortest of all the men, not near as muscular, but had one thing no guy had that night, a 13 inch black cock. He threw Amy on one bed, ripped off her panties and told her “if you ain’t wet, I won’t fuck ya, that is fair.” He felt between her legs and laughed “damn bitch you soaking wet, I got just the thing to put that fire out.” As he opened her legs he looked at the other bed and Stacey had a black cock in her mouth and pussy and was begging for more. Ahmo was sitting back looking at the scene in front of her, already counting the money she will make for the video of these two fitness models fucking black dick.Stacey’s face was never shown and Amy was the only woman who was shown completely. Everyone who watched the tape loved the way Amy begged and begged for more black cock. Once her identity was known, she didn’t get mad, she decided to make it work for her. She decided to make her own movies and she recruited the biggest black men in porn to join her. Each tape she makes will cause interracial sex tapes to become the most sought out tapes in the porn world.Ahmo was going to be involved in a huge model shoot in a couple of weeks and she was fed up with the way she was treated. She was determined to do something about it. As she was coming up with her revenge, her current black lover knocked on her door. This was going to be the last time the two would be together for a couple of weeks and it would be a night she would never forget. Her man, Rod, came in and he gave her a big kiss and immediately carried her into the bedroom. As they started to get going he whispered to her “I have a big surprise for you later tonight.” Ahmo was about to ask what but Rod’s black cock sprung to life and she forgot what she was curious about.

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