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Kids Penis Ed (Bones): Mission Impossible

30 August 2008

Kids Penis Ed (Bones): Mission Impossible
Damn. I don’t know about T.J., but I sure was sporting a boner to end all boners at this point. I reached down and rubbed hard on my erection. That brought an outright guff-haw from the girl as she retreated back down the circular stairs. Damn, but I’d like to taste that pussy. Like to dip my wick in it too.T.J. and I were both eighteen and due to graduate from good old CTHS in the spring. Our girlfriends were off doing some “girl thing” with a group of their friends, so T.J. and I were left to our own devices for the night. More like vices.”"Oh”"Shit, man, quit the clowning, God damn it.”"God damn it, T.J., look at that!”Finis”Yeahhhh, Oh indeed. But it was so God damned real. It did happen, didn’t it?”"Quick, after her!” shouted T.J.”There’s no one in here,” I croaked.I could not see through her and that mouth felt like damned solid flesh and real. Her sucking and licking sent me into seventh heaven or thereabouts. In my hyper-horny state, it took only moments before I shot off my load. She swallowed all of it. She came up for air, grinned warmly, and proceeded to clean up my dick.”Maybe,” I answered, sure in my own mind that there was indeed something of substance here yet to be discovered.”Shit!” was our chorused exclamation as T.J. and I saw the flicker.I backed out of her pussy with a squishy plop and put my mouth where my cock had been. I nearly licked that pussy to death as I cleaned her up. She sat up and put her mouth my crotch to return the favor. Before she finished, I felt my cock swell and pulse even more. Here it comes again. I felt the cream start to rise.”No, you dumb shit, Bones, there’s no hole in the roof. We bashed heads pretty hard in that tumble. I’m seeing stars too. And I’m dizzy as a coot. I gotta get my head back here a minute.” [If you liked or disliked this story, you know what to do and how. Constructive feedback and votes are always appreciated. Regards, caprine.] We crossed the foyer into a large room with a fireplace separating in from another large room behind. I recognized the room behind the fireplace as the room I had seen earlier from the open door of the little hallway. We left the kitchen and entered the near el shaped hallway-come-foyer. It was relatively short and we saw where it ended by the front entrance. On our right rose the stairs leading up and on our left, were two sets of French doors leading into a semi-round area. Only a bit of glass remained in the door frames. Broken glass littered the dinning room floor here as well as over on the other side of the room by the broken out windows.

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