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Cock Control Spanish Hairlem

28 August 2008

Cock Control Spanish Hairlem
Mom continued, “Luis told her “wow you are a great cock sucker.” His body stiffened and she felt a large amount of hot cum filling her throat. Her throat milked all he had to give her. When she slid it out of her mouth, the shaft was covered in her red lipstick. She bucked and heaved as her orgasm approached. She let go of his huge cock and grunted loudly as her orgasm hit her. Then without warning she leaped up and sat astride his face bending over his cock and sucking and playing with it. Now that he was hard again and she looked exhausted it was my turn to savor two hard dicks at the same time.”"Mom did you really have both Luis and Javier together at the same time. Did they both like you hairy or was Javier turned on more by your hirsute body.” I said pressing my mom to give more details of her lust filled holiday in Majorca.

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