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Cock Ring 0258223 &Amp; The Purity Laws

26 August 2008

Cock Ring 0258223 &Amp; The Purity Laws
“You dirty bugger,” said Lisa. “Jenny, he’s gone all stiff and throbby.”Within a few minutes a man of about my own age passed, “Hard luck mate!” Is what I think he said.My mind had been dwelling on the possibilities of how others would amuse themselves at my expense when I realised what she had just said. “Degree of rotation? I don’t understand.”"Yes. Why?”With that the screen went blank and the sliding panel in front of my eyes shut. I felt more insecure than ever pinned against the wall with my balls firmly trapped the other side. With a sense of relief I felt the clip being turned back and then released – there was to be no more pain. My hand and ankle cuffs were quickly removed and I was pulled back from the wall.”You won’t be needing this any longer,” Carver said and, after a second’s panic, I realised that she had cut the waistband on the pouch – now I was naked again.”What shall we do?” asked the fatter one – she seemed to have a shirt that was two sizes too small and a bra that was not really up to the job. Folds of her tits spilt over the tops of her cups – clearly visible through the almost translucent and skin-tight blouse.”I believe the next one will be the constant pain,” said the shopgirl in a matter-of-fact voice. “Now get over here and put your hands and feet where the manacles are.”I was more than pleased to have passed that spot. Then I saw Benson’s ahead of me and the section of their outside wall from which four manacles hung and a large sign said “Sex Offender”.”Two hundred and seventy degrees,” intoned the Sergeant. “Again.”"Benson’s Department Store?”I passed the Girls’ High School – break was in progress – the yard was teeming with girls aged between 11 and 18. They had been standing about chatting until one spotted me.She touched the end of the match and it flared.”Had a good time, pervert?” She caught sight of the match and cigarette end, “Someone’s been busy. It’s time you were going – I hear you’re on the news tonight, I hope it hurt.” As she leaned down to undo my ankles I had a sudden and very clear view of her perky breasts inside her shirt as they nestled in a black bra. She had to shake the manacles loose, causing her tits to swing left and right. As she stood up her head brushed against my rising prick. “Ooh,” she said, “we don’t learn, do we?”"No, put it out!” I yelled. “Please!” I broke out into a cold sweat as I could feel the heat of the match burning towards me. I was so shocked I began to lose my erection and the match was dipping below my dick that made the flame burn brighter.

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