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Tattoo On A Penis Hospital Visit

24 August 2008

Tattoo On A Penis Hospital Visit
The next day it was very warm and I told the nurse if she could turn the AC up a little. She said no because my roommate might not want it cooler. She said after my bath she would leave my hospital gown off so to just cover up with my sheet. I couldn’t believe this was all happening to me. I said alright in an annoyed voice but inside I was the happiest person on earth. She said I could just leave the sheet off me entirely until I heard someone knock because I had to leave my bottom uncovered anyway. I nodded, not looking happy about it. So there I was folks, totally nude with my legs spread out wide, pussy completely exposed….well everything exposed. The feeling was fabulous….I didn’t even think about the pain anymore. I got up the nerve to ask her if it turned her on to do this….give people bed baths and she told me she was human and that if the person was fun and good looking she would enjoy seeing them get aroused by her. She said unless they got carried away with it she really didn’t like that. She gave me the feeling that she knew I was getting aroused when she washed me, I didn’t dare ask her if she did or if she enjoyed washing women as well….but for some reason I knew she did. We had lunch a few times together and she’d call me telling me her problems. We ran into each other a few times while shopping. She was the perfect ending to my adventure in the hospital.Later that night I took care of my problem. I used the cream that was there to masturbate myself. I was nearly caught by the night nurse. She came in just after I came but didn’t see my hand there. Although, another night I masturbated after taking my pain meds, and fell asleep with my hand on my pussy. A nurse woke me up to take my temperature and I realized my hand was still on my wet pussy. I’m sure she knew what I was doing before I fell asleep.Most of my stories are truth mixed with fantasy but this story is completely true. It happened about 3 and a half years ago and I still sometimes think about it while I masturbate or it was the cause for masturbating. I hope you enjoy reading it and please comments are welcomed.When the physical therapy started, it was another fun part of my exposure time. They wouldn’t tie my hospital gown and when I’d get on and off the bed of course it would flip open.

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