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Uncut Penis Avon Calling

22 August 2008

Uncut Penis Avon Calling
“GGGAAAAAHHHHHHH,” Sterling felt Deloris moan, as her mouth engulfed his cock the same moment Rahim split her pussy wide open below.
“…Sounds like a motherfuckin’ engine trying to turn over doesn’t she?” Rahim added, as the two brothers watched Ida spastically flinch from the second orgasm Deloris had given her. Rahim squeezed his crotch wantonly and felt his insides sizzle when he heard his Mom lay out her plan. Tapping his Brother on the shoulder, Rahim quickly informed Sterling about the idea before they jointly turned and made the short walk towards Ida’s paralyzed frame.”You all made a Hell of a mess with this damn living room too…think you both have enough energy left to at least clean up that mess…Huh,” Deloris asked with slightly more poignancy.Turning her head to the side to get a clearer airway for her nose, Ida couldn’t help but catch a glance at Deloris Franklin between Rahim’s bent leg, as she sat nakedly at the foot of the bed watching. Ida was sickened by the way Deloris forcefully rubbed her right hand through her hairy pussy as she watched her two sons have their way with her.”Bitch…you need to stretch your mouth open more,” Rahim hissed as if he were a cruel dentist barking down at a defiant patient.It was as if the two brothers had a shared silent countdown inside their heads as they waited for just the right moment to drop the heavy, duel weight of their enormous cocks right on the older woman’s flushed cheeks.Each young man took a turn planting a sensuous kiss on Deloris’s lips before turning their hungry gazes on Ida, licking their lips at the thought of getting another crack at her petite and exhausted body.”Not so fast, Boys,” Deloris subtly scolded, temporarily removing her mouth from Ida’s smeared snatch to stop her sons before they reached Ida’s head. “Let the poor woman breathe…Besides…I want to hear her cry out again when I make her cum…she’d choke on those big dicks of yours if she ain’t careful!”So much throbbing cockflesh had infiltrated Ida’s mouth, she felt herself becoming lightheaded from the reduced oxygen flow entering her lungs. Instinctively snapping her eyes open to discern an easier path to breath, Ida began making machinegun like inhales and exhales through her nose, as her surroundings slowly came into focus. All she could see above her however, were the two pistoning groins that took turns inching virile male flesh down her throat.Rolling her fuck finger around her clit with lightning speed, Deloris used her index and ring fingers to press down on the lips of her vagina. Deloris could see the look of unquestioned joy spread across her two sons’ faces at the same time Ida Morgan’s torso was heaving beneath their plowing weight.”Jesus Christ,” Rahim mouthed, just loud enough for his Brother beside him to hear.”MMMMMHHUUMM,” Deloris groaned, as the wet greasy taste of Ida Morgan’s cunt filtered into her mouth for the second time.Sterling and Rahim each cast a weary smile back at Deloris, knowing she was correct in her assessment. Dutifully bending down to follow his Mother’s order, Rahim took his place on the right side of the older woman’s flat body, lustfully swiping his wide and wet tongue into Ida’s sensitive ear before slipping it over her earlobe, across her juggular vein and then down her soft shoulder.

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