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Huge Gay Cocks Getting To Know Kaylee

20 August 2008

Huge Gay Cocks Getting To Know Kaylee
“Daddy!”Ramona stood next to her husband with her back to me while Randy rubbed her exposed buttocks for good luck. We each rolled one die to see who got first roll. Randy won the roll. He slapped her on the butt exclaiming, “Way to go Babe! Now run along woman, you’re distracting me!” With two dicks and three hands in such close proximity, it was virtually impossible for no male-to-male contact to take place. The first few times that I rubbed my cock against his or brushed my dick across his fingers, I was alarmed, but after a while I just sort of accepted it. Randy sure didn’t seem to mind, and as for Ramona, she was lost somewhere in the outer reaches of sexual blissdom.”Yesssss!”Even though it was on the same basic plan, Ramona’s pussy was very different from Kaylee’s. Whereas Kaylee is petite, even in the pussy department, Ramona was a relatively big pussyed girl. Her man-in-boat had to be well over an inch long and seemed to rise at least a half inch. Whereas Kaylee had a nubbin, Ramona had a knob, a knob that was easy to suck into my mouth.”Cum on my dick, ya fuckin’ slut,” Randy hissed. “Squeeze it you fucking whore, squeeze it!”"Say, Ramona fixed a lasagna for tonight. Ya wanna join us for dinner?”"Does ya daddy like ya slimy pussy?”"Yesssss. Ohhhhh, fuck me Daddy, fuck me!”"Are ya a slut, baby?”Sounded like a plan to me. Leaning forward, I sucked in one of her incredibly large pink nipples and swirled my tongue around it. I nibbled and gently bit her fat teat, pulling on it with my teeth, releasing it and blowing cool air across it to chill it, and then sucking back into my warm mouth. Ramona groaned in pleasure, stimulated by the pleasure/pain that she was receiving until she had to cover with her hand the now too-sensitive tissue that I had enflamed. I simply moved over and started in on her left tit. Nice thing about women and two tits, when one tit has had enough and is just too sensitive, the other is ready and waiting for a similar treatment. We stood about, swigging our beers with Ramona swooning on the floor. With his foot, Randy rolled her onto her back, and then with the same foot, spread her legs apart, exposing her aroused pussy. Glistening with sexual secretions, her red inner labia obscenely protruded from between her flushed and somewhat swollen outer lips. “Yessss!”It didn’t taste bad or at all disgusting. In fact it just tasted like pussy. Of course it tasted like pussy, or at least spermy pussy as I was now use to that taste. Then I realized that, hell I love that taste. Having conquered my initial misgivings, I settled in to enjoy myself with her. After we helped her clear the table, load the dishwasher and cleanup the kitchen, we all went into the living area. I sat on the sofa while Randy and Ramona stood next to each other, with his arm around her waist. Pressing my fingers into her perineum, between her cunt hole and anus, I attacked her clit with gusto, furiously swiping at it with my tongue at the one o’clock position. The combo had its desired effect and she soon began bucking her hips and squeezing my head with her thighs as the intense orgasm swept over her.While I salivated, licked and explored around her succulent sluice, Randy lay down beside us, head-to-toe with his wife. I felt her leg being manipulated and even though I couldn’t see what he was up to, I caught on when she stuck his toe into her mouth. I had never considered toe sucking to be particularly erotic, but the way she mouthed and slobbered over his big toe, I got hard again.”That’s right slut, every man likes to fuck a whore like you. Ya like your daddy fuckin’ ya. Don’t ya, slut? Ya like the feel of his big ole dick inside ya. Don’t ya?”Her bare pussy lips flexed in and out with the slow rhythmic motion of his cock sluicing in and out. Randy reached around her hips. With his fingers he spread her open to display her large clit, excited and poking out from it’s protective hood. The air filled with a lurid, wet smacking sounds and the unmistakable odor of aroused pussy.

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