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Massive Cocks Fucking Women Hitchhiker

14 August 2008

Massive Cocks Fucking Women Hitchhiker
“Nice to meet you, I’m Jackson. That there man in the back, that’s Alex. He dun past out almost right out of the bar, so I put him back there. I must of known what I was gonna find out here on the road” He winked at her, and she ran around to the other side of the vehicle, opened the door and hopped in.”Honey,”he slowly smiled,”you think that’s somethin’? Well, I ain’t even hard yet.”Alex set Roxy onto the truck seat and slowly lowered his head down to her waiting, wet cunt. He flicked his tongue over her clit, and caused her to gasp, grabbing onto back of his head. She shoved his face into her pussy, and he set to work, biting on her clit, sliding his tongue in her crack, and sucking each of her lips individually. He moved to just sucking on her clit, and she was writhing and thrusting her hips into his face. He then shoved his whole tongue in her hole, flipping it around, tongue fucking every inch of her pussy. He put his fingers over her clit and fingered her as hard as he could. Roxy began to scream as her orgasm hit her hard.Jackson drove off, burning from zero to sixty in no time at all. She slowly shifted from her seat to occupy the middle one, right next to Jackson. Her shirt was so wet that she almost appeared naked from the waist up, each one of her breasts being defined by the shirt with their dark skin and round nipples. They were hardening again, perked up, as if aware of what they were about to receive. She cuddled close him, running her hand from the outside of his thigh down to the inside, and over his already bulging crotch. She gasped and he moaned as she rubbed her hand over that same spot continuously.Roxy screamed in pain, but then moaned in bliss. He was all the way up inside of her ass, moving around slowly. She nudged her ass back at him, wanting more, deeper thrusts, and he took the hint. He fired into her, and Alex resumed the fucking of a lifetime from the front. Roxy now had one full, large cock in her pussy and one oversized one in her ass, both pumping her so hard she thought that she might come right then. One orgasm rocked her, but neither man stopped, or even slowed his thrusts. She screamed her pleasures, urging them to fuck her harder, faster, to never stop. She began to pound back, grinding hard down on Alex’s big cock, and then shoving her ass as hard as she could into Jack’s dick behind her. It was the most amazing experience ever, having two dicks in her at once; she could feel both deep inside her, almost touching. She never wanted to let this feeling go, ever.She gently flicked her tongue out over his head, causing his breath to draw in quickly. Her tongue slid down the underside of his dick and down to his balls, where she sucked them so hard he thought for sure they would be a hickey. A few times going up and down with her tongue, she came back to the top of his long hard cock and started to take him all the way into her mouth. She relaxed her throat muscles, letting his penis slide in with no problems. Before she knew it she had the whole thing in her mouth and down her throat and, couldn’t get enough. She began to go as fast as her neck could get her to, up and down. He grabbed the back of her head with one hand and forced her to go faster. Up and down, her bobbed. He started to feel it, that he was going to come, and she sensed it too. Suddenly, his balls tightened and his cock exploded in her mouth, shooting load after load into her throat, which she drank greedily. His groans and grunts filled the air in the truck as she deperately tried to swallow every last drop of his come.Licking up around her face and his groin, she got every bit of it. He was breathing heavily now, and begged her to just let them pull over and she would have her turn.

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