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Child Penis Experimenting With Those Close To You

12 August 2008

Child Penis Experimenting With Those Close To You
“Will you fucking do it?” I yelled at him. “Ok,” I replied quietly. Nervously I did so, taking a bit in at a time. Once I took his whole 8 inch erect penis, he said to me to move my mouth around, going in circles. By the end of the movie, 2 hours later, Adam and David were hot and sweaty and already licking each others cum. I didn’t look at their bodies as I was concentrating on Hannah due to the nervousness I was feeling. “Look, we aren’t going to go wham bam thankyou ma’am. I have said to them that we want it slow and they understand and want it slow. Its going to be a once off and we want to take our times.” Hannah explained. “MORE,” I said. “I, er, I don’t know.” I replied turning away from her.I rolled over and went on my hands and knees. Hannah was sucking my breasts, David licking her pussy. Adam spread my legs and cheek asses apart and as I directed him he put his penis in my ass in one quick motion. “Like what? Porn?” I asked.

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