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Hard Cocks Party Of Four

28 July 2008

Hard Cocks Party Of Four
“Anyone up for the jacuzzi?” Tom asked.”I like the girl to be on top,” He said as he moved so that I was on top of his hard dick, the tip of it almost inside my hot, wet hole. I felt Steve’s cock tightening up inside of my mouth and he thrusted harder into my face. I moaned and Dustin pushed his thickness up into me. I was so wet that he slid right in, even though his cock was probably the thickest cock I’d ever seen. It felt so good that I almost screamed. “Nice,” he said after a big hit. He passed it along and we continuedto flirt until we were all giggling and high. Dustin started touching my hair and putting his hand on my knee. “Are you up for one more cock in that hole?” He asked, pushing me forward so he could enter me from behind. I got on all fours and smiled, saying I’d love another hard dick up my aching cunt. He grabbed my tits and pinched my nipples hard while he mounted me from behind. I felt the tip of his cock against my swollen pussy lips. He was so hot I thought I would burn if he stuck it inside me. Dustin was really going crazy eating my pussy and I was starteing to moan while sucking Steve’s huge dick. I was almost cumming when Dustin stopped and said, “I have to fuck that pussy!” And he took off his clothes. I was ecited to see another huge cock before me. Tom stripped down too, revealing his hard-on. Steve was still really into the blow job I was giving him so I kept sucking and holding his balls. He was pressed against my face and his cock was almost down my throat. I sucked hard and slow, feeling him grow and hearing him moan. Then I felt Dustin’s hands on my stomach, moving me into a position so that I could straddle him while he laid on the couch.

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