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Biggest Penis World Record A Connoisseur’S Feast

26 July 2008

Biggest Penis World Record A Connoisseur'S Feast
**********************************************”Yeah!”, responded Todd. “I always feel like I am going to bust a nut and cream my shorts right on the spot.”Bob’s general disposition improved notably for the next two days before we set off.Bob silenced him again. “Hell, you little nerd, before this trip is over, we’ll be looking at hardly nothing but each others hard cocks.” He shot him a menacing grimace via the rear view mirror. “Don’t you think I won’t inspect yours real careful. . . And that won’t be the only naked thing you got I ‘ll inspect real close.” All the vehicle passengers were quiet for the remainder of the drive.In another gorgeous park, our campsite was discreet and well shaded. We unpacked and helped Bob unload the gentle horses and stirrup them only to lead them, not bothering with the saddles. We would not bother to pitch camp until after we set out on our first trails. The first trail was narrow and bordered by tall spruces. I was surprised when we reached a beach that turned out to be an inset cove of a much larger lake. Bob had brought corralling rope with him to secure the horses with trees, but leave them enough leeway at water’s edge. He then sat down on the sand and started to remove his boots. He stopped to see the three of us just watching him. “What’s the matter with your family? Are you easterners that bashful? Do I have to say it? Strip!! Get naked!! We can’t enjoy the swimming if we all don’t get bare assed.” We did as we were told. I realized my nephews had well toned legs, but I did not realize what good definition they had in their hairless chests and abs until they took their shirts off. When I peeled away my briefs to free my hard cock, it was not just on Bob’s account that I had been so stimulated.
Of course, I caught the gist of his conversation. “Hmm, . . I remember Gregg Monsanto, the captain of the school track team lives right down the street from you guys.” I confirmed with confidence. The two “jerk-offs” were squirming with discomfort. We had them right where we wanted them and they were ripe for the plucking. “He doesn’t have to know anything about it if, for starters, you suck Bob’s dick, here and now, Jeb. Wait ’til you see the size of his awesome banana.”"It ’s not what you think”, the younger one sheepishly piped up. “Besides why were you here with one of Uncle Raymond’s hands?”

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