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Enormous Cocks A Friendly Encounter

24 July 2008

Enormous Cocks A Friendly Encounter
And with this, I force myself inside you underneath the madly pumping dildo. Like two dicks inside you as one, we work together pressing everywhere and everything, touching you inside in ways that you can only imagine but will always crave. With time we learn to break rhythm and move in time with each other. Two dicks inside you: one real, one fake. I feel you cumming but I don’t want to cum just yet, so I pull out and hold your hands away. I leave the dildo in as I pull away and watch as each pulse of your pussy pushes the dildo out a little more until it slides out softly onto your bed. I can’t hold back”You didn’t. I want more,” you demand.”I don’t know if I can take it anymore,” you say.I see a bit of fear cross your eyes then, the thought of everlasting joy eases the fear in them.”I’m just getting it wet for later.” “What I didn’t hear you. I don’t want to hurt you” I am still afraid to let on how I feel.I force you down to the bed pushing deep inside you. I begin to pound your pussy like I’ve never felt anything so good before. I lose all control of myself. I can’t stop but make love to you. I kiss you all over, I bite your neck, I run my hands over ever part of you, I bite your lip, I kiss your ear. I tell you I love you. I don’t know, it just slipped out in the moment. I don’t know if you heard. I continue in on you. I grab every part of you. I pull your hips to mine. I don’t know how long it goes on. Ten minutes… an hour. But it’s all I can take, and I fill you up again. “Tighter, tie it tighter,” you say breathlessly.”I’m going to fuck you so hard,” I tell you. “I’m going to do you till it hurts. Until you scream!”

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