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World’S Biggest Penis The Opening Of Shanni

22 July 2008

World'S Biggest Penis The Opening Of Shanni
Shanni sat on her stool and I walked up between her legs. I told her that it was the best time I have ever had. She smiled and said this was only the beginning. I bent down and gave her a kiss. She stuck that tongue in mouth and I grabbed her ass hard. She raised her leg and wrapped it around my back.Shanni then stretched out on top of Yummy and worked her legs open. She lay in between her legs and began grinding into Yummy’s pussy. Yummy’s legs came open and she moaned. Shanni then took this time to take that long tongue and stick it in Yummy’s mouth. She held her head still and deeply kissed her. Yummy didn’t know what to do but I knew she liked the feeling. Shanni deliberately worked Yummy into a frenzied state. She knew how to rub her snatch on Yummy’s to make it feel really good.Shanni then began to verbalize the fucking, “Ryan’s dick is so big and fat I love it. He feels as if he is splitting me in two. I’ll only let him fuck for a few strokes so he can give you a good working over.”Shanni turned and said to me, “Stick your cock in her she’s ready. Enter slowly so she can feel every inch as it invades her tight young snatch. Keep her panties on, I want her to remember how we do it.”I quickly stripped down to my shorts and got in the middle of the makeshift ring. I raised my hand and said lets’ get ready to rumble. The girls both started circling around the ring. Shanni went towards Yummy and playfully grabbed her around the waist. She moved her toward the chair and was behind her trying to throw her down. With all the tussling, Yummy’s bra strap slipped off of her shoulders. I had to stop them as the referee because they were out of the ring, off of the blanket. I told each to go to a neutral corner. Shanni gave me an evil eye because of the position she had Yummy in. I deceptively grabbed Shanni ass and told her to get her down. Shanni wasted no time when the game started again. She ran to Yummy jump on her and took her softly down on the blanket. Shanni was lying on top of Yummy and both women were laughing. Shanni broke the kiss and sexily said, “We’re going to fuck you rough and hard Yummy. Ryan has some good dick and I’m sure you will enjoy it. I love pussy and I have been wanting yours for some time now.”

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