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Baby Penis Husband &Amp; Wife Rape

18 July 2008

Baby Penis Husband &Amp; Wife Rape
It was almost evening when Jim got home from work. His wife’s car was in the garage but she was nowhere in sight. As Jim laid down his brief case the phone rang. “Mr. Jim Hall, we have your wife and if you want her back you will do as you are told. Do you understand?” Jim answered yes. “Go to your mailbox and look inside for further instructions,” said the male voice at the other end of the line. ” I will but you better not hurt her,” Jim said and hung it up after hearing the other person hang up. “We don’t want your money, we want your obedience” yelled the man. After several exchanges like that Jim gave in and stated he would do what ever they asked. “Tell us where you want it first you slut,” shouted the man. Jim figured that perhaps if they came in his mouth they would be satisfied and would leave him alone. “I’ll. take it ..in my..my mouth” whimpered Jim. Jim was dressed. The men dressed and continued toward their destination. On the way, Jim had to describe in every detail how he had sex with his wife, what he liked and what she liked. Jim had to describe what his wife didn’t like (giving head and taking it in the ass as well as having others look on). Before getting to the farm the men took turns sucking Jim’s dick. Jim was ordered to cum before they arrived at their final destination that they said would be soon. Jim had to concentrate to imagine something that would turn him on enough to forget another man was sucking his dick. Jim imagined a rape he had recently committed on a woman and her daughter. Jim was soon aroused and had a hard on. ” I knew you were gay,” said the man not sucking dick. The other man sucked Jim’s dick with a passion and massaged Jim’s balls as he did. “I’m cumming,” wailed Jim and began to squirt cum into the man’s mouth that was positioned on him. The man swallowed every drop exiting Jim’s dick but kept sucking way after Jim finished cumming into his orifice. This was very uncomfortable. And before retreating from Jim’s shaft gave it a mild bite! “Just in time to see your wife,” said one man. They had arrived at their destination. Jim was lead out of the van into the large looking building. It was then that Jim noticed camera’s had been strategically located inside the van to record the whole episode. It was also the first time Jim got a look at the driver of the van. He was as tall and as wide as Andre the giant. “Thank God he didn’t assault me,” thought Jim as he walked inside of the building. Part TwoCarole was made to walk naked past a gauntlet of men all naked and with their dicks erect in anticipation. She was told to make a run for it. Carole ran but was soon tackled by two men. They quickly filled her pussy and ass with their dicks and pumped without mercy until they came. Then the rest of the men took turns fucking her mouth, ass, and pussy. Some pumped sperm on her face, breast, ears, eyes, nose and hair! All of them seem black to her but some started speaking to her in Spanish. “Tell me you like it Puta in Spanish and say more from your own imagination too,” demanded one Latin man. Carole knew she had to obey or be hurt. “Dame becho grande and me gusta mucho papi,” said Carole (”Give me big dick, I like it a lot”). “Metemelo haste el fundo de me chocha y culo y boca, usame como una puta que soy” she retorted (Stick it ot me until the very end of my Pussy, Ass, and Mouth). The Spanish speaking men loved it when she talked that way and made her do it for the whole time they used and abused her.

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