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Biggest Penis In The World A New Way Of Life

12 July 2008

Biggest Penis In The World A New Way Of Life
After all have their partners, Park says, “let’s not make the ladies wait,” and Azizah had only a short glance at Azman, who seemed to have Patsy as his partner. He just winked at Azizah. Liza seems to have Park. Earl is kissing Dianne, Art is already fondling Tings breasts, David is with Miriam and Eric is pulling Candy into a secluded corner. Some just lay down on the carpet, while others choose the settees. Jake, who is taller and bigger than Azizah, just puts his arm around her waist and pulls her to into one of the bedrooms. Once inside, Jake asked Azizah to lie on the bed. When she does he lies down between her thighs, and inhales the aroma of her expectant sex. Jake seemed to be fascinated by Azizah’s pussy. Using two fingers he spreads her sparse pubic hair and presses his tongue against her swollen cunt lips, before it drives deeper between them into Azizah’s hot core. The suddenness, and the instant pleasure, makes Azizah squirm. She has come to love the sensation a man or woman’s tongue can bring to her, and Jake is an expert at eating pussy. She feels him pushing deeper and deeper still as his thumb caresses her clit. His other hand is equally busy, pushing her small breast into a tempting mound that has been suckled before by her lovers. She gasps for release as her hands meet behind his curly black hair, and she pulls him hard into her crotch. Jake’s mouth covers her now juicy cunt and she can no longer resist the idea of feeling his cock enter her.Azizah sighed even as she felt more cum filling her. It was just so unbearably delightful to her, not only the feeling of having a cock in her pussy, but also one in her ass while she watched her husband, Azman doing the same thing to another woman on the same bed. She felt her lust overcoming her. It was becoming uncontrollable. She wanted more hot cum to fill her cunt. She knew it was going to be a long night, and she knew every one of these men would fuck her again and again before morning. She found herself wanting even more cock! While sitting and watching at the kids, Azizah’s thoughts went back to what had transpired in the couple of months since coming here to join her husband. Time and again, her thoughts went back, to get an answer. Why would a na├»ve and faithful lady, a mother of two small children, get involved with other men? She could blame some of it on her hubby, Azman, but, as she thought about it she realized she had enjoyed it too. Many of her friends in Malaysia had told her that in the western countries, many things are different than in Asian countries. She was beginning to see and appreciate some of those differences. She didn’t deny that. While getting the opportunity to see the differences, she too seemed to be doing things so much differently than what her married friends were doing in Malaysia. Had any of her decent married friends learned, or even worse, seen what she had been doing here, they either would be asking if they were dreaming to see how the decent, faithful Azizah had changed, or they would have died of shock.”A-h-h,” she sighs as she feels the swollen knob of his dick pressing tightly against her vaginal muscles, opening her slightly and then pressing harder until at last she feels a thick, throbbing head go past the guarding muscles and into her cunt. She thinks of how easily Azman’s cock had fit inside her the first time he fucked her and how, since then, more and larger cocks had found their way into her. She has learned to welcome the cum that lubricates her core as her lovers go deeper and deeper into her on a bed of their pre-cum as well as her own juices. As her lover pumps his throbbing shaft in and out of her, deeper with each movement, she realizes that sex has become something to her that no longer is only for her husband, but also for every man she meets who can give her this fantastic feeling of fullness and joy. She thinks of her friends, back in Malaysia, who have never enjoyed the enormous release as a man other than their husband shoots a load of his hot semen into their cunt and feels only pity for them. If only they knew what they were missing! She wraps her arms and legs tightly around Jake’s firm dark body enjoying once again that lovely visual contrast between her pale skin and that of her latest lover.

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