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Huge Gay Cocks Babes Gone Bad

2 July 2008

Huge Gay Cocks Babes Gone Bad
Some of the rowdier patrons began to make lewd remarks. “Kiss her clam!” one bellowed. “Yodel in her canyon!” another roared. “Hey Red,” one screeched, “I bet I can lick your cooter better than she can!” I seriously doubted it.I did as she suggested, propped up on my elbows. Rachael lay down between my legs. “Put your legs over my shoulders, Sarah.” I did. She quickly went back to worshipping my wet pussy. “Naked. Nude. Take off our clothes.”Rachael slipped my panties down. Very slowly. I wiggled a little and helped her get me out of them. I did the same to her.”No, I’m not a prude. I’m not ashamed of my body. You know that. You’ve seen me naked. When we showered at the gym.”"Why should we get naked, Rachael?” I asked, somewhat confused.”Not since a dude broke my heart,” she said, and then whispered so only I could hear, “DJ told me he would take us to the mall to shop at Victoria’s Secret. He has a Steelers credit card!”"Do you like blow jobs, baby?” I asked.”Well…I guess so.” Rachael picked a name out of the hat. “Who is DJ?” A dude in a Cincinnati Bengals shirt eagerly raised his hand.”Don’t tell me you never did that before, Rachael!” I joked.”I’m going to suck it until it gets smaller. Would you like that?”"Huh?”"Okay, lie down on your back now, Sarah. You’re not going to be able to take much more of this standing up. I’m going to lick your luscious lips silly.”Two guys approached us. “Excuse us, girls, but if you have a problem, I think we can help. Whether you are a whore or you are a virgin. We’ll give it to you up your cute little asses. Whores like to take it in the back door. And you,” he said looking at me, “will still technically be a virgin.”I then used more and more of my mouth and less and less of my hand. I tilted my head back and let him pop it down my throat. All of it. “Yes, well, I certainly wish the Steelers would go to the Super Bowl every year,” he said, although for some reason not very convincingly.”"I’m an architect from Boston here on business.”"Oh Rachael…that’s so good. So good. Rachael, Rachael. Pretty Rachael. I love the way you do that, girlfriend!” My knees buckled.”Yes, you are a whore! Whores drink Coors!”"Concentrate, Rachael, concentrate. Please concentrate!”"No, no,” I didn’t…uh…mean…uh…that,” he stammered. “Big cans of beer are half price tonight. You girls definitely don’t have big butts. I noticed that when you two walked in. In fact, you two are just right. Are you models?”Rachael put her right hand on my ass as she held my right hand in her left hand. I played with her beautiful hair that she had braided. I had asked why and she said she didn’t want her hair to get in the way when she licked me silly. So I put mine in a pony tail just before we started dancing.”I am not a virgin!”"I told you about some of girls I have been with, Sarah.”"Oh. Too bad we can’t think of anything that rhymes with our local brew, Iron City. What a pity. What exactly are we going to say when we rant and rage on each other?”

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