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Huge Cock Sex A Year To Remember

26 June 2008

Huge Cock Sex A Year To Remember
“To bad his boss isn’t here tonight,” I laughed.”I’m not talking about the women’s crotches Sam, and you know it. I suspect the reason you answered the way you did is because you know I’m right about this. Black men aren’t any different in cock size than white men, are they? That myth that all black men are built like stallions is total poppycock!”"Hey Sam,” said everyone’s favorite loud mouth as Sam served them their drinks, “I wondered if you’d do me a favor.”For each woman it was the same, as their underwear and bodies dictated, with Jennifer ending up with only her bright red high heels on, she ended up being the most naked. Then when Sam was happy with what the women were wearing he had them bend over in front of their husbands, and then made the men tongue fuck their own wife’s assholes.”If we loose, we pay double every time we come here for a year.”Once all five of the white dudes were naked Sam had them line up side by side on the dance floor in front of the table they’d sat at all night, then kneel down on the wooden floor, as every black man took a seat next to their wives. I got Laura, Larry’s wife, and Sam got the lawyer’s wife Deanna.”That’s it Laura, but when you get down to your garter and stockings leave them and your high heels on, it makes you look more like a whore don’t you think. Oh, and Deanna, you can leave those crotch less panties and peek-a-boo bra on as well.”"Sam!” Larry yelled over, “we need your signature here,” then he laughed seeing Sam come over to sign then return to us as if to change our minds.The stars are lovely this time of year, the sky as clear as looking through crystal makes you think that you can just reach up and grab hold of your favorites, and hold them twinkling in the palm of your hand. I always feel at one with these nights as the sky and I are both black as pitch. It’s always late at night when I at last go out looking for some action. I never go dancing or drinking early, not because I can’t hold my booze, but because drinking isn’t why I go out. If that were all, then I could stay home with the stars, instead of staring in the action, and by that I mean women of course. By this time of night if the women are escorted both they and the men they are with are loosened up enough for any fun suggestions, women get an itch drinking, the men, mostly primed with liquid courage, feel that they are Superman, or Einstein, and usually wrong on both accounts.”Now gentlemen, here’s how it will go,” I instructed, “two men at a time, one white the other black will walk over to the table, the wife of the white man will measure them both and write those figures down on the back of the contract. I suggest we get started, masturbation of course is an option. Larry and Sam your first….”I had them dead to rights and they knew it, the sheepish looks on their faces proved that. To make things even more secret, we gave each woman the same stickem notepaper and #2pencil, they had to circle white or black that I’d written on each, and they had to do it in the ladies room out of our sight then fold them up and put them in a white envelope and bring the envelope back to us to count out in the open.That had everyone in the place laughing, and not just a couple of the ladies in Larry’s group blushed either. However when the laughter died down Larry didn’t.”Eight and a half inches, by five and a half,” Laura called, then as if awestruck added, “and it isn’t even hard yet.”"Well, now Larry,” Sam replied, “maybe it is, and then again maybe it ain’t. What’s it to you, and what’s it worth to me to prove it?” And Sam looked at each one there at the table in turn to see how they were all taking this.

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