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Her First Big Cock The Barani Festival

22 June 2008

Her First Big Cock The Barani Festival
“Red!” said the first drunkHey! Thaan aro thanaro thana, “Ha! What did I say? I know these girls, they always wear red,” he said fondling her ass “So winner gets one more chance” and with that he pulled her panties down. Vrindha wriggled trying to get out from his grip. The girls stood looking at the wild situation. They couldn’t run away because the drunkards were always near the exit. The second drunkard pulled of his loonkey and underwear and stood naked infront of the girls. He pressed his dick on Vrindha’s ass pushing her to the wall then rubbed his dick along her ass pushing it to her asshole. “Blue!” said the next “C’mon it’s your turn now” he told the girls, as they stood bashful.The girls heaved a sigh of relief. They introduced themselves. First in order was Kaveri. She was slim and beautiful with budding bosoms and a small ass. Next was Margett with a similar body structure but in a little more fashionable dress. Reshma was beautiful like a model with big boobs and ass. Her dress couldn’t hide her colossal boobs with ever-ready pointing nipples showing through her dress. Vrindha the last in line had a immense ass which grabbed the attention. Her boobs too held admiration though it was not as hefty as Reshma’s.The girls blushed on the mention of their panties. They pleaded to let them go. The drunkards now aroused were in no mood to let them go.

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