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Monster Gay Cocks Out Of Air

14 June 2008

Monster Gay Cocks Out Of Air
I spent every afternoon at the pool over the next week to make sure I would pass the physical test. When Wednesday came around again, I was ready. I had a light dinner before walking over to the pool with my gear. In reality, I had packed the gear the day before. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait for the first pool session.Kurt told us to get out of the water and get our equipment. The three instructors circulated and showed us how to hook everything up. We were told to pay attention because we would have to do it on our own from now on. Kurt helped Terri and me. I think he just wanted the chance to talk to Terri. I certainly couldn’t blame him.After class, we talked about travel arrangements. I had done most of my diving partnered with Mike. We agreed that we would use his car and I’d pay for the motel room. It was a fair trade. Others made similar arrangements. I was disappointed when I heard that Terri wouldn’t be staying at the motel with the rest of us. She was traveling with Roger who had some family in the area. The two of them would stay with an uncle who lived about an hour from the spring. I had hoped to get to see more of her on the weekend.The Friday that I was waiting for finally arrived. We were going diving! Mike picked me up at my dorm after my last class and we added my gear to his in the trunk. We headed east, following the Interstate as the sun set behind us. It was already very dark when we found the Ramada Inn in DeFuniak Springs. I checked us in and we unloaded the car. We had already eaten dinner on the road but we were too excited to go to sleep. I turned on the TV to check on the next day’s weather while Mike was thumbing through his scuba textbook.The smell of new rubber permeated the air. It was from all the hoses and equipment. If you are a diver, you know what I mean. If not, think of the smell of new automobile tires. When everybody was ready we got back in the pool. We slipped into the unfamiliar gear, standing in the water. We were shown how to test our regulators (main and backup). Then we put on our masks and sat down on the bottom.After class let out, I hung around to meet my classmates. A few were adults who were just getting their certification. Most were college students like me, eager to become divers while satisfying a P.E. or biology requirement. Since I didn’t have anything else to do that night, I hung out with a group of my classmates. Roger was a geology major, Ben’s field was accounting and Mike was in biology. Then there was Terri. She was the one I most wanted to see in a bathing suit. She was cute, slender and a redhead. I couldn’t help wondering if she was a true redhead, in all departments. We spent almost an hour that night, talking excitedly about diving. In time, we drifted off. That night I lay in bed thinking about diving. It was going to become a reality for me. I wasn’t going to let anything stand in my way.

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