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Animal Penis Keeping Up Team Spirit

12 June 2008

Animal Penis Keeping Up Team Spirit
The twins started crying out his name as they released and he was grunting out his own load deep inside Kelly’s sweet pussy. Katie collapsed on the bed next to Beau and Kelly laid across the bottom of the bed panting like a dog. Beau pulled Katie into his arms and kissed her. She looked at him and asked if they could do this again after next practice. Beau laughed and said “Yes M’am.”The stick shift came up between Kelly’s legs and he had to touch her bare thigh to shift. Her skin was soft and warm against his bare arm. He took the corner a little too fast and Kelly fell against him and she grabbed his shoulder to steady herself back into the seat. He laughed and asked her if she wanted to sit in his lap. He was somewhat limp in her hand when he told her to switch places with Kelly so he could pay her back for making him cum like that. Soon big-breasted cheerleaders were bouncing on big football players’ dicks and Kelly wanted to do what they were doing. She helped Beau out of his shirt as her twin wiggled her as over his hard on. She stripped out of her t-shirt and shorts and enveloped his head with her big melon- like tits.

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