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Cock Fight Life Of James

4 June 2008

Cock Fight Life Of James
“Wait,” I said, “I’m gonna cum.”"Do you want to see it?” he asked in a very plain voice.”Sort of,” he said, chuckling mysteriously.I swung my legs around so that John and I were lying beside our another, heads pointing in opposite directions. We were each lying on our side, with the other’s cock in front of our faces. His cock had grown slightly limp in the past few minutes, but I was determined to change that. I began sucking on the tip as John hesitated, unsure of how to proceed.”Should I try?” he asked.The scent of his manhood filled my nostrils and the blood was pumping through my head, filling me with strange desires and fantasies. Overwhelmed by it all, I moved until I was on my hands and knees, straddling John’s legs. I began licking up and down the underside of his cock like a dog, flicking my tongue occasionally where I could tell he was most sensitive. I licked down to his scrotum, where I bathed his sack in my spit as well, even daring to take one of his nuts in my mouth, although I was ever-cautious of applying too much pressure.I had to admit that he was right on both points. The bed was large enough to accommodate both of us comfortably and a shared bed was better than no bed at all. Granted, I would have rather shared it with a hot chick, but I was tired, and not in a mood to complain. I agreed to share the bed as John removed his other sock.”I wanna try sucking on it,” I said, “if you want me to.”As I jerked us off with one hand, and continued rubbing the smooth skin around his hip bones with my other hand, I looked up at my friend. He was watching me intensely and obviously enjoying the physical part, but I wondered how he was feeling inside. I dared to crack a smile at him, not a joking smile, or a stupid grin, but just a friendly smile to let him know I was enjoying this, and it was alright for him to enjoy it as well. John smiled back and I felt relieved. I let go of our dicks and leaned forward, placing a hand on each side of his head to support myself. I leaned in close, until our faces were inches apart.”I was just about to go to bed,” he replied. “I was hoping I could crash here but it looks like you’ve already stolen it, so I’ll go see if there’s a spot of floor available downstairs.”"Well…” he said, looking at the bed behind him. “I guess we could share the bed.”"That’s alright,” I said, thinking it was a weird suggestion.It wasn’t long, however, before we began to chat. Maybe we weren’t entirely comfortable sleeping together and were attempted to delay it as long as possible, or maybe we just weren’t as tired as we thought. We talked for a while about school, and about what we might do afterward, then about girls. John, as usual, was nailing a steady stream while I was content with the occasional fooling around.”I don’t know,” he said. “We do need to get cleaned up.”My chest seized up when he suggested it. I was not ashamed of my penis size, but his was so big, it only added embarrassment to the thought. I’d seen other men’s dicks before, but in locker rooms or porno movies, not lying in bed with another guy late at night. But, he had shown me his.

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