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Penis Pumps Arthur And Family…

18 May 2008

Penis Pumps Arthur And Family...
The day dawned beautifully, the sun was up and so was I. My cock was nestled in the crack of Sammi’s ass and raring to go. I pushed it up and down in her cheek cleavage. Oh it felt so nice. So warm and my nuts rubbing against her sweet slit. I reached around for those bullets they call nipples. I rubbed my palm over them and they stiffened instantly. I began to pinch and pull on them as Sammi began to moan. They were so hard and long. I could even stroke them pinching the tip as I fondled them. Sammi was pushing her ass cheeks back at me now.What a fucking woman. I can always count on her to be hot and lead the way. Colin got up and leaned over to tongue the nipple he had been mauling. Dad stood up and came over us, and as Sammi thrust her breasts up, he got the other one in her mouth. They licked and sucked a few moments and then I stood Sammi up and said “that’s not the only hard thing that needs a mouth”, and I stood up. My fire engine red dick was stciking out for all to see. Sammi immediately dropped to her knees and engulfed my steel meat.Colin walked around over to my side of the bed and patted my ass. He reached over to the table and got the lube and put a dollop on his finger and then spread my cheeks. His finger went unerringly to my brown shithole. Man that stuff was cold. He rubbed it around on the outside, got some more and popped it inside my butt with his finger. He rubbed it around a bit, and then greased up his pole. He crawled in behind me and guided his cock to the entrance of my shit tube. He pushed it hard against me and I tried to relax. He was prodding hard at the entrance and all of a sudden he was in. Damn it hurt. He is thick around like dad and I are and I marveled at how easily Sammi had taken mine. Sammi and I had kinda stopped moving as Colin tried to enter my butt. Now she was moving back on my pole swallowing it up with her tight back tunnel. Colin was moving the head around trying to get me to loosen up, and he was pushing forward to wanting to get more of his tool in my ass. My head and tackle were on fire. My brother was poking his rod in my ass!!! He gave a grunt and shoved and I felt my guts moving. God he felt huge. I knew it couldn’t be but half of it and I was unsure I could take any more. Colin proceeded to prove me wrong. Sammi began ass fucking my dick in earnest, sliding her chute up and down my pole. Colin backed out a bit and shoved again, this time I knew he was all the way in as his balls slapped my cheeks. He sat a sec and then began to slam into me. He was really enjoying this. Sammi worked a little faster and they reached a good rhythm. I was being royally fucked.Back at the hotel, we all got dressed, and the girls were all up for some fucking and sucking, but we told them no. We were gonna wait for the whole group to get off with. At Bill’s house they were getting ready when Emily started dancing around in her new bra and panties and Bill took advantage of the situation to get her revved up and hot. He ate her thru her panties leaving them soaked. He moved them aside and ate her till she was just ready to cum, and then told her they would be late, and just left her hanging, while he finished getting dressed. He told her to keep wearing her wet panties as a reminder of what was to cum. She was going to arrive excited and going to leave totally satisfied, only she didn’t know it yet.

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