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Elephant Penis Friendly Neighbors

16 May 2008

Elephant Penis Friendly Neighbors
With Jan resting on Tom I mounted her from behind. She was so wet I slid past her twice before coming home. I gently rocked back and forth between their legs and Jan cooed. Following Tom’s lead, I withdraw and started to kiss her lower back. Down her butt I licked and kissed with my hands massaging her as I went. “Now, now, inside me now,” she said and I slowly worked my way back into her from behind. I could feel Tom getting hard, too, as I pressed in. Jan started to work herself and we all rocked in the same motion. I reached down and stroked Tom as we went and he got harder and harder. Jan pushed back against me and we slapped together at the beat of our breaths. With all of the excitement I couldn’t wait too long but that was okay with Jan. She was screaming for me to cum and I plowed into her with all the force I could lever. I gushed a huge load into her and she let out an uncharacteristic whimper followed by a giggle. I pulled out and joined the heap on the bed. Jan slid over to give me a kiss and a hug. She sweetly asked me where I had left the iced tea. How could you not follow that treat with a little kindness so I trudged off to get the refreshments.Tom was working in the backyard of his place when we left for the beach at 9:00 a.m. and was still there when we got back at 3:00 p.m. He is in pretty good shape for an older guy with his summer tan well underway. My wife made more than a casual glance toward him as she headed for the cabin. She’s always been attracted to older men, especially dark exotic guys. Tom seemed to take extra note of Janice, too. My gal’s a blonde bombshell. Great body with long legs and nice round tits with nipples that stand erect at the slightest hint of a breeze. She was wearing one of those wild bikini’s today. Mostly just three patches of semi-sheer material held together with wide dental floss. It didn’t leave much to Tom’s imagination. He had a special “Hello!” for her along with a wave. I could swear his pants grew a full size as he leered at her.

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