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Penis Surgery Big Black Men On Campus

12 May 2008

Penis Surgery Big Black Men On Campus
Meanwhile, back in Jamal’s room, Shelia was hungrily sucking his cock. As soon as they had reached the room, she was down on her knees pulling down his pants to get at him.Finally, Jamal turned toward Jill. “That was great, baby. Now we need your help with something.”Reggie was fast approaching the point of no return. “Man, I’m going to blow my load!” he exclaimed. Jill just moaned and increased the speed of her sucking. As Reggie felt the cum boiling up from his balls, he put his hands on the back of her head and held her with this dick buried in throat. He shot several loads of cum deep down her throat, which set Jill to shrieking. Reggie swore she was having an orgasm, just from sucking him.Jamal came back to the bedroom carrying the list of Delta Phi members he had made. “Me and Reggie have started this little project,” Jamal said. “We want to fuck all the girls in your sorority, and we want you to help us.”Finally, Jamal shot his cum deep into Shelia’s pussy. She shouted out “Oh yeah, give me that cum!” as she felt his hot seed flow into her.Meanwhile, Jamal pulled out of Jill’s asshole with a loud plop. He quickly moved up to Jill’s face, and said “I want to cum on your face, ‘hoe.”The three spent students lay silently on the bed for a few minutes, recovering from their steamy sex. Jill laughed. “There aren’t manner ass fuckers in this group, and certainly not many that could or would take your monster back there.”As Bonnie and Shelia came in, they surveyed the scene. There was Jill, radiating sex, and the two muscular athletes bare chested. Both girls were taken aback by the raw sexual atmosphere of the room, and both were flushed as their excitement built.About fifteen minutes later, the doorbell rang. Jamal jumped up and opened it.Jamal stopped with about seven inches up Jill’s ass, and started to work in and out, slowly at first, but then picking up tempo. Jill was bucking between the two cocks, one in her pussy and one in her ass, squealing loudly and chanting “fuck me in both holes, fuck me in both holes.” Reggie moved his eyes from Jill to Jamal. He was shocked to see that his friend had already dropped his sweatpants to his knees, and had his already hard cock in his hand.”Hmmm…,” Jill cooed. “You guys sure do cum a lot. I love it!”As Reggie was cumming, Jill had stopped jerking off Jamal. He had taken over, and had masturbated himself as he watched his friend sucked off. Moments after Reggie had finished cumming on Jill’s lips and chin, Jamal added his blast to her face. He planted a massive load, getting cum in her hair, down her forehead, into her eyes, and along her cheek. Jill reached out and took his cock head into her mouth to suck out the last of his cum.She continued to study the list. She turned to Reggie. “Ann Thompkins gave you a blow job?” she asked. “She’s a virgin. I didn’t know she had ever sucked a cock.”"What about that punk ass guy you go out with?” Jamal asked.

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