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Picture Of A Small Penis Strange Cocks Shoved Into My Life

10 May 2008

Picture Of A Small Penis Strange Cocks Shoved Into My Life
He wanted me to stay naked at home. Whenever there were any visitors, I would put on a sheer transparent nighties with a striking red, silky panties underneath or just simply go bottomless. Sometimes, I would wear a bathrobe, pretending that I had just come out from the bathroom. Sometimes, they would get to see everything when my robe just accidentally fell off. Well, strange that it always fell off. Wasn’t that a clear invitations for them to fuck me? The mailmen, pizza-men, paperboys, salesmen and so on, all got lucky on me. It started out mild but turned rather heavy in the end. He loved to discipline me for the slightest mistakes. In the end, my pants, including my panties, were usually down every other lessons. That was his style but I knew then he just got a kick out of looking at my private parts. It started with spanking, then caning. My ass was usually red and hot by the end of my lesson. Somehow, it excited me. I liked the feel of his hands or the cane landing on my ass and it always made me dripping wet. It reminded me when I was younger, my auntie and my uncle sometimes punished me this way too. Still, I looked forward to his lesson.My third and present husband fits into my lifestyle well as he is into swinging. He got plenty of pussies and I got full of dicks. Lots of wild holidays, adventures and erotic stuff. I had been married three times and been used by countless strange cocks, but it wasn’t all my fault. I was led astray from the start when I was still naive.

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