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Cock Dick The Stuff Of Life

26 April 2008

Cock Dick The Stuff Of Life
Reluctantly, I pulled down my pants.“Um…” I smiled. “OK — you suck Nathan.”“Truth.”“Dare,” Justin said.“Dare,” I said, not liking the direction the questions had taken.Sheepishly, we picked up our pants and walked naked, our hardons, slightly deflated, bobbing as we walked down the hallway to Nathan’s room. Without Justin to orchestrate things, we weren’t sure what to do.“Yeah,” he said.“Have you ever tasted it?” Justin asked.“No!” I said, emphatically.“No!” I said, lying.I watched with fascination as Nathan licked then sucked his brother’s balls, then took his large piece of meat deep into his throat. Justin was thrusting his pelvis now, both hands on his brother’s head, and his breathing was getting short. I could tell he was getting ready to cum.It did not at the time really register that this was incest. It seemed weird that three guys were sucking each other’s dicks. That was taboo enough. It did not occur to me that this was doubly forbidden sex – a brother having sex with a brother. Nor did it occur to me at the time that this was very likely not the first time they had done this. In retrospect, there is no doubt in my mind that Justin had taught his younger brother the joys of oral sex some time ago. I sometimes wonder whether they had not planned this seduction beforehand.I took half of it into my mouth, unknowingly raking the tender skin with my teeth. Nathan winced. “Careful with the teeth,” he said.Justin went down in front of his brother, and before it could all register, he was sucking his brother’s cock. Not gingerly, the way Nathan had sucked mine, but expertly, taking the entire length in his mouth. Devouring it.A light went on. So that’s what it was called. “You got any hair down there? Let’s see…”“My turn,” I said. “Truth or dare?”He seemed to know what he was doing. These two brothers seemed quite at ease with what they were doing. Justin lay back on the bed while his brother took his large cock in his hand and worked it into his mouth. Justin lay back on the bed, his upper body raised up on his arms. He had a good body, nicely tanned from working outside (he already had a manual labourer’s job). His pecs were accented by one tattoo of a death’s head skull on his right pectoral. He looked down almost tenderly, watching his younger brother’s head busily moving below. “Your turn,” he said to me, with a stoned, knowing smile. He let go of Nathan’s head, which came up quickly. Justin’s red, swollen cockhead popped out of Nathan’s mouth with a wet sound and sperm was gushing onto his chest and belly. A long, thick strand of semen fell from Nathan’s mouth. Justin’s face contorted with what looked more like agony than pleasure. His head came up off the pillow to watch his own explosion. Nathan pumped his brother’s cock with one hand, and wiped the sticky fluid from his lips with the other.

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