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Tiny Penis Laura’S Harem

24 April 2008

Tiny Penis Laura'S Harem
“That’s what I mean young man. I like both mature and young pussy, son, so just get use to having to share.” I was surprised at my son’s comment and thought, well maybe having a nerd son is not so bad after all, if he can bring home some young stuff and is willing to share.
She immediately removed the cock from her mouth, looked down at my son saying, “Oh yes, do it Jeffery, cum in my pussy, let me feel you shoot your load in me, its OK Jeffery, do it to me, fill me with your cum. I’m on the pill and can’t get pregnant, oh Jeffery fuck me hard, yes I like it, ram me hard and fast with your long dick, oh yes, cream me baby, spread your seaman all over my pussy.” Jeffery’s ass went into high gear, his butt was a blur as he pounded her pussy. She again returned to sucking the cock and she was really into it now. I could see the sides of her cheeks become concave as she was really sucking the kid’s cock. It was but a few seconds until the kid erupted. She was getting cum pumped into her on both ends from two very energetic young guys. Even though I could see her repeatedly swallowing the squirts of cum being pumped into her mouth, there was cum leaking out the sides of her mouth, that kid was really loaded. I could also see cum oozing out of her cunt hole as my son was fucking her. Shit this slut was hot, my son probably has not idea how lucky he is right now.”Lets say life.”"Real warm and slippery.”My son nodded yes.I was getting turned on just watching, like I said, she had a nice body and I had thoughts of joining in. But I’m sure it would have totally freaked out my son. I watched the woman give instructions to my son and his buddy. She said, “Jeffery, remember what I told you yesterday, use long deep thrusts, and try to rub up and down the top side of my pussy hole where my clit is, it makes me and all women hot. Later I’ll show it to you.”"Um, do you mean, by any chance, life in the fast lane?”As she spoke, he looked down at her snatch and said, “Right.”Jeffery raised his head up from her cunt, and leaned back on his haunches. He moved his hand between her legs as she spread them even wider. He stuck the middle finger of his right hand into her pussy. She said, “Just wiggle your finger around sweetie. How does it feel?”"Lessons? Lessons about what?”This action continued for another 5 minutes or so without anyone saying anything, just some sighs and moans. She was deep throating the kid and was able to get his whole dick down her throat with what appeared to be with very little effort. From what I could see or not see, I could not tell whether it was because she had the skill to deep throat large cocks or that he had a small cock. Anyway, she repeatedly took all his dick down her throat in rapid fashion, it looked like she was letting him literally fuck her mouth.

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