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Big Black Dicks Shawna’S Big Cock Lust

22 April 2008

Big Black Dicks Shawna'S Big Cock Lust
“Yeah, but my panties are pretty tiny, I bet you could see my ass too.” I prodded.That night I fingered my clit for about 2 hours dreaming of Larry’s huge fuck rod!Unfortunately, before I could make any move two other people entered the sauna. I suggested Larry and I head home. On the way home I talked Larry into going to some clubs with me that night.After about an hour of working out, I went and found Larry and told him I was going to shower and hit the sauna. He said he met me there. I was excited. I hoped he would wear only a towel into the steamy room.”God, Larry I want to see you shoot your fucking load.” I cried over and over.I grabbed his ball sac with my left hand as I stroked the 10-inch shaft in front of me. I was in cock hound ecstasy. I had dated two guys my freshman before Thanksgiving Break. Now I’m not a ho, at least not a “fuck me ho,” I’d best be called a cock hound. I discovered how much fun “petting,” as Mom called it when she caught me, can be in high school. Like most kids away from home for the first time I got a little wild and stroked the two guys I dated off a couple times. Plus the dorm I lived in was near a couple frats streakers were plentiful. Anyway, this story is about what happened when I got home for Thanksgiving. I got hom Wednesday night.”Did you like it?” I asked.

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